The reasons for the senator who said “goodbye” to the PRI

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Francisco Garfias.

“It is a fallacy that he is a traitor,” says Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, in an improvised talk in which he explains the real reasons for his departure from the PRI and his incorporation into the Green bench in the Senate of the Republic.

Jorge Carlos has also already registered in Morena as an applicant to coordinate the Committee for the Defense of Transformation in Yucatán. In other words, he is going to compete for the candidacy for governor of the entity for the Morena-PT-Verde Coalition.

It doesn't look easy. The internal polls are led by Joaquín Díaz, Welfare delegate, but he has the faith and knowledge to fight.


From that talk, in a café in Polanco, we learned that the straw that broke the camel's back was that the PRI leadership negotiated with the PAN for its senatorship to give it to a woman (presumably to Cecilia Patrón Laviada).

Very proudly he pointed out: “I am the senator. The PRI did not give me my seat. I won the election at the polls. I was the only one who entered with a majority. And now they are coming to tell me that they are negotiating with the PAN, that my position is also in the negotiation and that I am in second position?


Shortly after he announced his departure, Rubén Moreira uploaded a message to X, formerly Twitter, in which he calls Ramírez Marín a traitor: ”Five multi-member officials and a lot of political positions. Carlos, you would have just said goodbye. “No one buys your arguments,” the deputy wrote.

We questioned Ramírez Marín about Moreira's accusations. This told us:

“His attitude surprises me. It is a fallacy that I am a traitor, because I have always worked for the PRI, until the last day of my militancy.

“I owe a lot to the PRI. Having met Beatriz Paredes, Enrique Peña, Francisco Labastida, Ernesto Zedillo. But the PRI must have stood up to me in the worst moments, going out to give the debate that no one wanted to give, accepting candidacies that no one wanted.

“The PRI owes that to me. I don't charge them. I did it with great pleasure. Also, because all the affection that I have earned from the people of the PRI I take with me. "He's going to go with me."

Already on the back foot, the new PVEM senator considers it an “insult” that Rubén Moreira, coordinator of the tricolor deputies, comes out to defend the PAN government in Yucatán.

“People are dying from dengue, because they didn't even spray. Moreira falls into incongruity when he says that there is a rapacious government and that Yucatán is a great government,” he emphasizes.

The senator knows that his departure “hurts” the PRI in Yucatán. “Right now they complain about my ingratitude. They didn't give me a peso for the ten clinics that I opened so that the PRI would stay alive. What program of mine did they participate in? How much did they put in?

He repeats that neither Alito nor Moreira have anything to complain about. “My letter was concise, elegant. It was a letter to tell me “good bastard, goodbye.”


Alejandro Encinas complains that the Judiciary prohibited him from telling “the truth” about the participation of Tomás Zeron, former director of the defunct Criminal Investigation Agency, in acts of torture.

He revealed in

“I am prohibited from telling the truth and refraining from verbal or written statements or publication of content on official pages or social networks in which it is stated or suggested that he is a torturer.”

Not to defend scoundrels, but Encinas must be reminded that there is a presumption of innocence.

The former presidential candidate of the PRI, Roberto Madrazo, immediately responded: “Alejandro Encinas is outraged by the judiciary because they prohibit him from calling Tomas Zerón a torturer.

“It would be better if he left the media scandals and got to work. There are still 43 normalistas to find and 78 arrest warrants pending execution,” said the Tabasco politician.

Encinas, by the way, drew spotlights with his statements to the effect that Omar García Harfuch, Dolphin by Claudia Sheinbaum for CDMX, did participate in the “board of authorities” that created the so-called “historical truth.” The former security secretary of CDMX denies it.

Who to believe?


Rodrigo Abdalá, nephew of Manuel Bartlett, joined the Battle of Puebla. Yesterday he announced that he handed in his resignation as Welfare delegate in the entity to seek the coordination of the State Committee for the Defense of Transformation.

It goes against Alejandro Armenta, Ignacio Mier, Claudia Rivera, Olivia Salomón, Rosario Orozco, widow of Barbosa, among others.


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