The real reason why Lucero does not want to get married after ten years of dating

bright Star has had a long and solid relationship with businessman Michel Kuri for almost a decade. And although the famous she has claimed to be as in love as she was on the first day, confessed the reason why she does not plan to walk down the aisle with him. Here we tell you!

After her divorce with Manuel Mijares in 2011, the so-called “Bride of America” ​​decided to give love a new chance with the well-known businessman Michel Kuri. Since then, the couple has remained faithful to their commitment as a couple And while rumors of their breakup have been sparked repeatedly, they are still as in love as ever.

Over the years, their strong relationship has been the target of questions about the “next step”, specifically if they would like to go to the altar to pledge eternal love.

However, for the first time in a long time, Lucero answered questions about a possible marriage and if in fact she would be willing to dress as a bride one more time.

In this regard, the interpreter of “Tell me” revealed that she does have a commitment to Michel, but this goes beyond an engagement ring: “It is commitment of the soul, of the heart and others”he told several media outlets during his arrival at the Mexico City Airport.

With this brief but forceful response, Lucero revives the statements he gave a few months ago in an interview with Adela Micha. At that time, the famous 52-year-old indicated that marriage is not in their plans.

We don’t want to get married, we are very happy like this, as boyfriends. We live each one in his house And, I think he is very father, after having had a marriage, because I am in favor of marriage, “he said.

“I am super happy, super in love, the eternal boyfriends that we say are happy, I am very happy with him and he with me,” she said, affirming that in this way their relationship has borne fruit.

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