The radical mayor of Río Tercero achieved re-election in the municipal elections

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The current mayor of Together for Change, Marcos Ferrer, was re-elected in the municipal elections of the Cordoba town of Río Tercero

This Sunday, the current mayor of Together for Change (JxC), Marcos Ferrergot the re-election in the municipal elections of the Cordoba town of Third Riverby gaining a vast advantage over its competitors.

After scrutinizing 100% of the tables, Ferrer finally achieved 49.61% of the votes, which translates into 13,751 votes in his favor and came in second place Nicolás Rodríguez, candidate for Nuevas Ideaswith 27.51% of the votes.

Third place is occupied by Jose Maria Lopez, representative of United for Río Tercero, with just over 12% of the votes. López belongs to the political space of the provincial ruling party, led by the current governor Juan Schiaretti and the elect governor Martín Llaryora.

The remaining candidates as reported telamhad a less significant performance in the elections. Maria Luisa Luconifrom the Cuidarte party, obtained 5.77% of the votes, while Angel Arri, from the Ucedé party, reached only 5%.

Congratulations to the re-elected mayor Ferrer arrived through social networks, both from the main local references of JxC and from Governor Schiaretti, and the latter expressed: "I congratulate Marcos Ferrer on his re-election as mayor of the city of Río Tercero . We will continue working together between the Province and the Municipality to promote progress and improve the lives of citizens both in that town and throughout Córdoba”.

The election also determined the election of 11 councilors and 3 members of the Court of Accounts and the Single Vote Ballot (BUS) system was used, in which voters choose their preference by checking a box on a single piece of paper that contains the complete electoral offer.

A total of 13 educational establishments and 127 polling stations were set up for this election, in which 44,403 voters had the opportunity to vote, according to the official electoral roll.

The suffrage of Martin Llaryora governor-elect of Córdoba during the PASO held on August 13
The suffrage of Martin Llaryora governor-elect of Córdoba during the PASO held on August 13

The Organic Charter of the Municipality of Río Tercero establishes the holding of open, simultaneous and mandatory primary elections (PASO) for the definition of candidacies for mayor, councilors and members of the Court of Accounts. This electoral process took place during the first weekend of June.

In the provincial elections held on June 25, the formula Martín Llaryora (governor) - Myriam Prunotto (lieutenant governor), representing the political space We make United for Córdobawas the winner by over Luis Judge-Marcos Carassofrom Together for Change and precisely on that day, in the city of Río Tercero, this last formula obtained the highest number of votes, followed by HUxC.

Meanwhile, in the last PASO carried out on August 13, the 3,065,088 people qualified to vote in the province of Córdoba they had to elect the candidates for president, vice president, representatives of Parlasur and 9 candidates to occupy 9 seats of deputies in the National Congress.

The Deputies who finish their terms in the Lower House in December 2023 they are Marcos Gustavo Carasso, Soher El Sukaria, Gabriela Beatriz Estevez, Eduardo Fernández, Carlos Mario Gutiérrez, Leonor María Martínez Villada, Mario Raúl Negri, Víctor Hugo Romero and Adriana Noemí Ruarte.

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