The quicksand of La Mañanera

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Ruben Cortes.

They are black pearls that the president buries in the swamp of his morning conference, but they remain there for whoever wants to see them: in the week that he most attacked the electoral referee here, he remained silent before the installation of the one-party regime of his ally Daniel Ortega.

And, through its ambassador, it criticized the largest democracy in the world, because it lags behind in respect for human rights and civil rights, even though blacks, Afro-Latinos, lesbians, Native Americans won in Tuesday's election...

Instead, a thunderous silence with the ally that murders, robs and imprisons at close range in Nicaragua, who in the controlled elections on Sunday captured the 153 mayors of the country, implanting once and for all the single-party and authoritarian regime.

The president of Mexico was one of the few who approved the electoral theft by Ortega, who was re-elected after imprisoning rival candidates. Only Mexico, Belarus, Cuba, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia and Syria attended the party.

Instead, the president of Mexico went 33 days without recognizing the electoral victory of Joe Biden in the United States, but gave the Zócalo and the main speech of the National Holidays to the designated ruler of Cuba, who has never participated in an election.

But the silence in the face of the barbarity committed by Ortega on Sunday should not go unnoticed, because Ortega did what Morena intended: he went to the polls with allied political parties, to simulate a competition and whitewash the democratic face.

Ortega has achieved what Morena is looking for here because, already knowing who was going to win, the election was worth mothers to the Nicaraguans and an abstention of 82.7 percent was registered, the same in which Ortega won, after arresting all the opposing candidates.

Yesterday, in his Mañanera, the president himself revealed that it is the Ortega idea that he wants for Mexico, by advising those who seek to be politicians that people without education or resources are more loyal: he is not interested in elections, because seeing that they always the same party wins, the votes cease to matter to them.

Ortega's power base is the military, to whom he gave to manage public money in sectors such as health, real estate, construction, hardware stores, hotels and the pharmaceutical industry, with assets that exceed five billion dollars.

In Sunday's elections, the Nicaraguan military monitored voters to avoid resistance and force them to go to the polls, installed checkpoints and read the electoral roll to get people out of their homes.

Morena's dream come true.

That is why they attack Sunday's march in favor of the INE.

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