The 'quarternaut', with his feet on the ground

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Barely a quarter of the game had passed when Joshua Dobbs He had to enter the field and without knowing the rest of his teammates, he began to move the Vikings offense.

There was no time to wait. Jaren Hall who made his first start as a starting quartet in the National Football Leaguesuffered a concussion that forced him to leave the field assisted by the medical service.

Number 15 was on the field just 78 hours after being changed from the Cardinals to the Vikings. When Kirk Cousisns' torn Achilles was confirmed, the Minnesota front office worked around the clock to land a new quarterback before the trade deadline (October 31).

With just a few days to familiarize himself with the playbook, Dobbs figured out the ins and outs and hit the ground running, giving a masterful class of express learning and plenty of improvisation.

Joshua totaled three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing), including the game-winning touchdown pass with 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter against the Falcons. Dobbs, who had three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing) in Week 8 with Arizona, is the first player in NFL history to score three or more combined passing and rushing touchdowns in consecutive weeks with two teams. different.

Despite accumulating four seasons in the NFL, Dobbs is not the most experienced man, since he has barely 10 games as a starter. But perhaps what helped Joshua most in becoming an unexpected hero is his ability to associate numbers with schemes and his photographic memory that helps him read rival defenses.

Dobbs is not the typical player who captured national attention for his college exploits. Dobbs goes outside the box.

Learning and applying knowledge are his strength.

The 28-year-old graduated from the University of Tennessee with a perfect GPA and a degree in aerospace engineering.

Since being drafted by the NFL in 2017, Dobbs has skillfully advanced his sports career while continuing his pursuit of rocket science. On two occasions he has been a NASA intern with stays of at least a month in each of them in the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A couple of experiences that include his presence at the historic SpaceX launch to the International Space Station.

The quarterback has shown the ability to adapt repeatedly. The former Tennessee quarterback began the year with the Browns and was then acquired by the Cardinals on August 24 and started for them on September 10.

Before entering college, Dobbs was selected for the Watkins Award as a high school senior, an award that promotes academic excellence among African Americans. The Alpharetta, GA native played catch and baseball to complement other extracurricular activities, such as student government and playing saxophone in the school band.

Dobbs' virtuoso brain has helped him in football, but he hopes to soon use it to go to space.


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