The Pumas announced the formation for the match against Chile in the Rugby World Cup with 11 changes after the victory against Samoa

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The formation of Los Pumas against Chile (REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier)

48 hours before the match against Chile for the third date of Group D of the Rugby World Cup, The Pumas confirmed the initial formation for the duel that will be played in the city of Nantes, this Saturday at 10 (Argentine time).

Michael Cheika will make 11 changes from 19-10 win against Samoa. Among the forwards there will be four variants with the entry of Joel Sclavi, Agustín Creevy, Pedro Rubiolo and Facundo Isawhile the entire back line will be changed: Tomás Cubelli, Nicolás Sánchez, Juan Imhoff, Jerónimo de la Fuente, Lucio Cinti, Rodrigo Isgro, and Martín Bogado They will play from the beginning.

In this way, the XV of the Argentine rugby team to face Los Cóndores will be: 1- Joel Sclavi, 2- Agustín Creevy, 3- Eduardo Bello, 4- Guido Petti, 5- Pedro Rubiolo, 6- Juan Martín González, 7- Marcos Kremer, 8- Facundo Isa, 9- Tomás Cubelli, 10- Nicolás Sánchez , 11- Juan Imhoff, 12- Jerónimo de la Fuente (C), 13- Lucio Cinti, 14- Rodrigo Isgro, 15- Martín Bogado.

Substitutes available to the coach:16. Ignacio Ruiz, 17. Mayco Vivas, 18. Francisco Gómez Kodela, 19. Matías Alemanno, 20. Joaquín Oviedo, 21. Lautaro Bazán Vélez, 22. Santiago Carreras, 23. Juan Cruz Mallía.

Formation of Los Pumas to face Chile in the Rugby World Cup
Formation of Los Pumas to face Chile in the Rugby World Cup

Among the aspects to highlight it is necessary to point out that Nico Sánchez will complete 100 games with the Los Pumas shirt. For his part, in the absence of Julián Montoya, The captain of the Argentine team will be Jerónimo De La Fuente.

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