The price of avocado reaches all-time highs in the US: a box is sold for up to $78 dollars


The high prices of avocado are already transmitted to the consumer, in restaurants that see how costs have risen.

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The worst inflation in 40 years is not the only thing that keeps avocado prices at historical levels of up to $78.75 dollars per box, but there are political and even climatological factors that have triggered prices.

Last week, the Hass avocado reached a record price for a box of 48 avocadosaccording to data from the ProduceIQ platform, which uses information from the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The data for the box of avocados it’s almost double when compared to the cost it had in May 2021, when the price was $40, according to a CNN report.

The data shown by ProduceIQ corresponds to the avocado that enters the United States from Mexico through the border in Texas.

Produce IQ CEO Mark Campbell explained that some political factors in this border have complicated the flow of avocados from Mexico, which has also increased their prices.

In this sense, he added that last February the federal government decided to temporarily suspend avocado imports from the Mexican state of Michoacán.

The sanction occurred after a US official was threatened by an organized crime group in Michoacán.

Although the suspension lasted a few days, it was enough for the lack of supply to push avocado prices up again in the domestic market.

Political decisions pushed prices back up as Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for an increase in truck safety inspections who entered the state.

The measure caused hundreds of trucks to be stranded at the border and, therefore, millions of products as well, including avocado, which once again saw its price rise.

But the increase in prices also has to do with the fact that, in Mexico, specifically in the avocado region of Michoacán, the lack of rain has made it difficult to maintain production levels.

Added to this is the fact that, in the US market, consumers have increased their interest in this fruitnot just on days of high demand like May 5 or the Super Bowl, said David Magaña, a senior analyst at Rabobank.

According to this expert, in the last decade, avocado demand in the United States has doubled.

However, Magaña believes that the price of avocados will begin to fall, since the supply will increase with the start of the season in Peru and the export permit from the Mexican state of Jalisco.

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