The PRI asks Va por México in the Senate to reject the appointment of Carlos Miguel Aysa


Federal deputies of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), asked the Senate of the Republic not to authorize the appointment of Carlos Miguel Aysa Gonzalez, as Mexico’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic, considering that he is “a character co-opted by the Morena government in exchange for impunity, betraying the PRI and Mexico, by handing over the governorship of Campeche.”

In this way, the PRI legislators called on the senators of the Va por México alliance to vote against the appointment of Aysa González, which was frozen by Morena in Senate commissions until her son, federal deputy Carlos Aysa Damas, support the electricity law initiative proposed by the federal government, which happened last Wednesday.

“The betrayal of the homeland by Aysa Damas, who sold her vote in exchange for an embassy for her father, is linked to the dark pact agreed between her father Carlos Miguel Aysa González and the federal government. They thought that the announcement of the Judas in the middle of Holy Week was going to move the vote on Sunday in San Lázaro, but the PRI members are firm in defending Mexico, its institutions, the principles of our party and on Sunday we will go to vote with responsibility against an Electricity Law that is contrary to the country”, accused the federal deputy, Sofia Carvajal Isunza.

He pointed out a shame and an affront to the people of the Dominican Republic that the Government of Morena sends as an ambassador to that sister nation that we love so much, a man like Carlos Miguel Aysa, a character, without diplomatic training, without principles, who in a nauseating pact He ceded the governorship of Campeche to Morena, in exchange for impunity and a position as ambassador to the Caribbean.

Carvajal Isunza expressed his rejection of Morena’s way of doing politics. “It is a shame that in the absence of conviction, of a republican debate, of height to convince the opposition in Congress, the Morena government uses blackmail, political persecution, defamation and slander or the buying of consciences as it happened. with the Aysa duo, to support an electrical reform that was born dead for going against what Mexican society demands.

The PRI federal legislator expressed her concern about the diplomatic errors repeatedly made by the Government of Mexico, first was the sending of Pedro Salmerón as ambassador to Panama, a Morena militant with no diplomatic experience, accused of sexual harassment that offended the government of the Central American country; then the appointment of Quirino Ordaz Coppel, expelled from the PRI for betraying his documents and who also negotiated the delivery of the governorship of Sinaloa to Morena.

He announced that they will ask the Government of the Dominican Republic, the Chambers of Deputies and Senators of that nation, as well as the political parties, to reflect on the approval (plácet) that should be granted to Aysa González, an appointment flawed from its origin and splashed by the political corruption of the Morena government.

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