The pressure on Biden to "raise the tone" to Mexico

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Francisco Garfias.

The numbers of deaths from drug overdoses in general – and fentanyl in particular – for fiscal year 2023 are about to be released in the United States.

Former Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda has reports that there will be more than 100,000 deaths, just from the consumption of the synthetic opioid, which last year killed 75,000 people in the American Union.

A thoughtful analysis is not necessary to anticipate that the Republicans are going to take up the issue and insist that nothing is done and that we must invade Mexico, use drones, missiles "or I don't know what" to destroy the laboratories and combat to the cartels that traffic fentanyl.

By the way: next Thursday a very high-level US delegation arrives in Mexico. It is made up of Anthony Blinken, head of the State Department; Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. They are going to meet with President López Obrador.

“I imagine that what these guys are coming to is asking for more to be done. Alicia Bárcena has just been in Washington. They could have told her the same thing,” says the former chancellor.

He adds: “What they want is to talk to The Peje. They are going to insist on both things. fentanyl and migration. The figures in both cases are getting out of hand,” she warns.

“The Republicans,” he adds, “are going to make more of a fuss when the new figures come out. The migration ones, in August, were tremendous. They are forcing Biden to raise the tone, but he doesn't want to do it. He wants to continue leading the party in peace with The Pejebecause of the immigration issue, which he is terrified of. But they are forcing him to push harder.”

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller spoke about the announced high-level meeting in Washington.

He acknowledged that there is a fentanyl consumption problem in the United States that must be addressed, but at the same time he highlighted that, together with Mexico, measures must be taken to combat drug trafficking and that includes the destruction of laboratories and the capture of traffickers. on the border within Mexico.

Spokesman Miller, aware of the proximity of his boss's meeting with López Obrador, gave a very diplomatic “nudge” to the Mexican government: he assured that cooperation between the two countries in the fight against drug trafficking has improved.

But AMLO, true to himself, put diplomatic courtesies aside and railed against gringo politicians who use the issues of fentanyl and migration “for propaganda.”

“We are helping the problem they have in the United States, which these false politicians have not solved, because 100,000 young people lose their lives every year, they are so crooked that all they do is turn to Mexico and blame us.

“They are experts, specialists in seeing the speck in another's eye and not the beam in their own, politicians without principles, without ideals, dishonest, opportunists. They are not capable of self-criticism and also going to the causes, why is there so much drug consumption in the United States?” she wondered.

And is AMLO capable of self-criticism? It's a question.


A good one. The National Polytechnic Institute advanced from seventh to fifth position in the measurement of Public Universities, according to the latest report from the The Times Higher Education (THE) 2023-2024.

The aforementioned index, of British origin, integrates data from 2,500 educational institutions in 93 countries, of which 20 corresponded to our country.

Hueeeélum, Hueeeélum!


What a fight the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila, and the mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, both from Morena, are getting into. The reason is that the mayor aspires to re-election, but Marina pushes former boxer Erik “El Terrible” Morales to occupy the position.

Morales was already a federal representative for Baja California (2018-2020), but he passed at night.

Montserrat alleges that the mayor of the border city belongs to a woman, but Marina del Pilar negotiates with her friend Mario Delgado for the position to go to the former boxer.

Erik currently serves as director of the Sports Institute in the State government.


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