The President’s tour of Central America will derive in benefits for the population of the entire region: PT


Mexico.- In the session of the Permanent Commission, during the Political Agenda regarding President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s tour of Central America, deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña, deputy coordinator of the PT Parliamentary Group, asserted that this work undertaken by the Prime President will derive great benefits for the population of the entire region.

Speaking at the rostrum, the deputy for Mexico City stressed that the position of the head of the Executive has been dignified, outstanding and statesmanlike, since the results of these works will derive in benefits in favor of the people of the region and will pay for the solution of various problems, such as the issue of migration.

In the same tenor, he highlighted in a statement the agreement that the president carried out to bring Cuban doctors to the poorest sectors of the state of Guerrero, which is fundamental because, despite having offered a 20 percent salary increase for doctors who came to work in rural areas, unfortunately, they have not reached these places.

He insisted that no rights of workers in the health sector of our nation are being affected. He lamented that nobody wants to go to remote and poor regions of the state of Guerrero; everyone wants to be in the comforts of the big hospitals in the cities, forgetting the vocation of service, contrary to the case of Cuban doctors.

However, he took the opportunity to recognize the public and private health sector in Mexico, which faced and continues to face the pandemic with professionalism, dedication, love and service to the people.

“We are not insulting anyone. We simply do not accept the xenophobic campaign of the National Action Party, which is trying to intrigue against a correct agreement by the fellow president. And they divert attention”, concluded the parliamentarian.

Making use of his voice, legislator Raymundo Atanacio Luna (PT) congratulated the head of the Executive for the successful tour of Central America, which he made to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Cuba, since it allowed strengthening ties between said nations. , which shows that our country is concerned about the situation of migrants.

“Today, in the Fourth Transformation, we are consolidating this process of historical change, which is already an example for Latin America and for the world,” concluded the congressman for the state of Puebla.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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