The president of Israel assures that Hamas had instructions to manufacture chemical weapons

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London, Oct 22 (EFE).- The president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, stated in an interview broadcast this Sunday on the British channel Sky News that the members of the armed wing of Hamas who attacked Israel carried with them instructions to manufacture chemical weapons.

"This is material that was found on the body of one of those sadistic villains," Herzog said while showing a document to Sky News cameras, which stressed that it has not been able to independently verify his claims.

"And in this material there were instructions on how to produce chemical weapons," declared the Israeli president.

"This is Al Qaeda material, official Al Qaeda material. We are dealing with the Islamic State, with Al Qaeda and with Hamas. That is what we are dealing with," Herzog added.

When questioned about the interruption of supplies in Gaza, the president assured that "it was Hamas' missiles that brought down the electrical infrastructure."

"Nothing to do with us," said Herzog, who assured at the same time that Israel only serves Gaza "7% of the water."

"We are following the humanitarian situation very closely, hour by hour. Most of Gaza is functioning, there are areas that are under battle. It is a true tragedy," said the president, who added that "it is very easy to blame Israel".

"Let's remember where we were, what happened, and how we have the right to defend ourselves when a missile flying 250 kilometers directly toward Israel has come out of someone's living room. That is the situation we face. No other nation has faced that. and if anyone had faced it, believe me, they would have done the same thing, he maintained.

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