The power of civil society

The power of civil society

Alejandro Rodriguez Cortes*.

There was nothing more ethereal than the concept “civil society” before last week. Two words that filled opposition speeches, public slogans or the letterheads of social organizations, but that seemed lost in the reality of a populist and demagogue regime that ignored them and replaced them over and over again by the word “people”, widely used in the homilies of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and limited exclusively to the sphere of his supporters.

But everything changed on November 13, 2022, when hundreds of thousands of Mexicans took to the streets with the sole desire to defend an institution that has given us the option of having a power without which we have lived for decades: that of freely electing our rulers.

In this, and perhaps without realizing it, we have shown that the authoritarian impulse of the so-called Fourth Transformation, paradoxically determined to destroy the democratic scaffolding with which it came to power and in which it intends to perpetuate itself, can be stopped.

The defense of the National Electoral Institute will be a watershed in the fight for a Mexico of constitutional counterweights that were precisely designed to leave behind the times of a single party and an authoritarian leader always willing to stay indefinitely at the national helm. It is not the first time that a president seeks ways to maintain the power that the presidency gives him, but the halt that citizens have placed in this regard is definitive and historic, even ahead of non-government political parties, which already have a task concrete to do in the next two years.

Because the already famous march did not simply stop the electoral reform sought by López Obrador and his faithful followers of Morena, but rather showed the light at the end of the dark tunnel of a failed government, of unfulfilled promises, of lost hope and disastrous public policy results. . It is not a definitive triumph, but it is the new impulse that was needed by much more than half of the population that we do not agree with the governmental nonsense that polarizes and even confronts different visions of the Nation.

The President of the Republic, we said in the previous installment, will continue his offensive against the INE and against everything that means a counterweight to his foolish purpose of absolute submission of all his governed, under pain of throwing them on the bonfire of disqualifying and insults of his own. of the autocrat.

However, the tiger woke up: not the one that AMLO promised to let loose if he did not win the 2018 election, but the one that will not allow the setback that brings us closer to Argentina, Venezuela or Cuba than to Uruguay, Costa Rica or even Chile.

Civil society has woken up. The same one that warned that arrogant head of government in 2004 that he could lose the next election as it finally happened. The one that millions of Mexicans make up that we could be wrong but that we will always have the option to correct.

That is the strength of those of us who have already stopped -without so much stridency- the ominous energy reform of the 4T, and who can continue to press for the INE to continue being a citizen, effective and independent; to recover the dignity of the Judiciary; to relaunch the dying autonomous organisms and to ensure a 2024 that does not assure us a place in the dustbin of history.

*Journalist, communicator and public relations specialist.


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