The popular video game "Fifa" changes its name and opens to mixed teams

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The famous video game "Fifa" changes its name in its 2024 edition, and will be called "EA Sports FC", thus opening a new stage, with more space for women's football.

Among the most talked about developments on social networks is the possibility of creating mixed teams, of male and female players, on the same virtual playing field, in the "Ultimate Team" mode.

David Jackson, vice president of the EA Sports FC brand, told AFP that "this is not a question of morality", but rather "a faithful representation of the real world of football", in which the women's branch is gaining popularity and adepts.

The “Fifa” series was launched by Electronic Arts in 1993 and in a short time became the undisputed leader in the sector, with some 150 million players last year, thanks in particular to its licenses.

Thanks to this popularity, EA raised its financial demands before the International Football Federation (FIFA). In May, both partners announced the end of their collaboration.

Those responsible for the American company have decided to abandon this association and change the name of the game, which has generated, in almost 30 years, more than 20 billion dollars, according to The New York Times.

"When we were called 'Fifa' we could not take advantage of our potential due to the limits imposed on us by the rights" negotiated with the Federation, explained David Jackson.

EA wants to evolve the game and transform it into "a global football platform powered by video games."

"Now that we own the name, everything depends on us," highlights the company leader.

"The 'Fifa' license no longer exists and the game will not include the World Cup, but, apart from that, the functionalities have practically not changed, or even improved," Mat Piscatella, video game analyst at Circana, told AFP. .

This expert expects "FC 24" to be among the 10 best-selling video games this year in the United States.

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