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Pope Francis is "in good condition" and routine checks are good after the operation he underwent on Wednesday due to an abdominal hernia at the Gemelli hospital in Rome, the Vatican reported Thursday. The intervention was described as a success by the doctor who carried it out and the Holy See considers that now it is only a question of the Pontiff keeping the necessary rest until full recovery arrives. Doctors point out that hospital admission could last at least a week. At the moment, Francisco has his schedule clear for the next ten days.

The Vatican press office has published a brief statement after seven in the evening, in which it confirmed the positive evolution of the patient. “His Holiness of him Pope Francis has spent a day of rest. The medical team following the Pontiff's postoperative progress reports that he has been fed a liquid diet. Hemodynamic and respiratory parameters are stable. Postoperative progress is normal.

In addition, the Holy See has reported that on Thursday afternoon, when the Solemnity of Corpus Domini or Corpus Christi was celebrated, the Pope received the Eucharist. “Among the many messages of support, he was moved by the affection of the family for little Miguel Ángel, baptized by Pope Francis on March 31 during his visit to the pediatric oncology and pediatric neurosurgery departments of the hospital. [donde está ahora ingresado], who sent him a poster wishing him a speedy recovery. The Holy Father wanted to personally thank her mother with a short phone call ”.

The news had already been positive in the morning, when it was reported that the medical staff following Francisco's recovery process had reported that the night had passed "calmly" and that the patient "had managed to rest for a long time." time". "He is in good condition, awake and breathing spontaneously," read a morning note from the Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruni, who celebrated that the Pontiff no longer needed assisted breathing.

The doctor who operated on him, Sergio Alfieri, in an appearance before the media at the Gemelli hospital, explained the day before that any other type of pathology is ruled out and that both the colon (he underwent surgery in July 2021, when they removed part of the organ, and had to spend 10 days admitted), as the current one are "benign". Dr. Alfieri, who is Gemelli's director of surgery, did not want to specify how many days Francisco will have to spend in hospital, since everything will depend on his evolution, and taking into account that the Pontiff is 86 years old. During the surgical intervention, the physician reported, "strong adhesions were found between medial-tenual intestinal loops [parte del intestino delgado con forma de asa] partially encompassed and the parietal peritoneum, which was what caused the symptoms”. The procedure consisted in the release of adhesions, to later reconstruct the abdominal wall with a mesh.

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