The politician of 2006, the politician of 2018

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Ruben Cortes.

The new details of the Iguala Case show that the president was much more authentic in 2006, when he lost (because he did not sell his soul to the devil), than in 2012 and, of course, when he won in 2018.

In 2006 it would not have been understood with someone like the mayor of Iguala José Luis Abarca; just as he refused to come to an understanding with Gordillo, Televisa and other factual powers: with them he would have won in 2006, huh.

Nor would he have supported the military, whom, in the campaign, he pointed out for the disappearance of the 43. But the higher purpose of being president won him over.

Because even its own investigation into the Iguala Case (with the new known revelations) reached the same conclusion as the previous government: it killed the 43 United Warriors and the chief was Abarca.

And his investigation corroborates the statement he made to the military during the campaign for the massacre.

Yes, because their investigation concludes that the military kidnapped six of the 43 and later killed them, and their bodies disappeared in the Military Camp of the 27th Infantry Battalion.

In addition, because on his campaign tour of New York in 2018, he strongly rejected the claim of his political support for Mayor Abarca, made by Antonio Tizapa, father of one of the 43 young people murdered.

He answered his father like this:

"Shut. You are a provocateur. Your claim must be to the Armed Forces, to those who participated in that crime.”

However, the politician who was most authentic before the defeat in 2006 had already changed a lot by 2014, in order to achieve his presidential dream: he pulled someone like Abarca and, when he won, he agreed with the Army.

He dismissed the criticism of thousands of militants from the historic left in Guerrero, who accused Abarca of personally murdering the activist Arturo Hernández, because he publicly called him a narco.

He did political damage control so that the crime ordered by Abarca would not get in the way: he removed his candidate from the Guerrero government, Lázaro Mazón, because of his relationship with Abarca, who sponsored him.

It did not matter that Mazón was at that time his main asset, in Guerrero, for the collection of signatures with which he sought to throw out Peña's energy reform.

Already in the presidency, he based his power on a business and political alliance with the Army; and he forgot that "your claim must be to the Armed Forces, to those who participated in that crime."

Although, frankly, everything the president has done to get to power, is what any other politician would do. The political game, and power, work that way.

That is the president: a politician, a man of power.

In the power.

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