The “Piojo” is a happy feline: Miguel Herrera is full of praise for his Tigres and assures that it is the “largest squad he has directed”

The Tigers are leaders of the Clausura 2022 Tournament.

Photo: Juan Angel Ovalle / Imago7

Michael Herrera is having a very happy present in the Tigres de la UANL: he is the leader of the 2022 Closing Tournament of Liga MX and also has the largest squad he has directed, in his own words. In his last press conference, “Piojo” was pleased with the team he has.

“To dream of a vast campus, well I have had to direct the America, Montereytoday tigerswith a very large campus, the vastest that I have had to directbut I can’t say anything about Atlante, Tijuana, Tecos itself, so happy and at ease, Veracruz left me with an important lesson, that not everything was going forward and knowing how to get back in order”, expressed Herrera.

However, it should be noted that It is not the first time that Miguel Herrera has expressed himself in this way. In his last stage with America he pointed out the same thing. In fact, he used the same words to refer to his squad.

It was in 2018, and he had no qualms about confessing that he does it in every team he goes through: “It is the largest campus I have ever had., every time I lead a team I say that it is the best because for me they are at that moment, but without a doubt this is the largest“He said on that occasion.

The truth is that this is the perfect time to give such statements. Tigres is at the top of the tournament with 32 points after 14 days. He will fight for the leadership with Pachuca in the last three days prior to the league.

But beyond the leadership, Herrera will have the opportunity to rotate to reach the final phase of the championship in the best possible shape. And there will be no shortage of pieces to continue being competitive on the pitch.

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