The physical preparation of Canelo Álvarez and the whole truth about his vegan diet were revealed by his trainer

Canelo Álvarez (right) trains under the watchful eye of Eddy Reynoso (left).

Photo: Matt Thomas/Getty Images

There is little more than a week left for the Mexican Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez faces off with the Russian Dmitry Bivol in pursuit of winning the World Boxing Association (WBA) light heavyweight world championship.

The one from Guadalajara since he returned from his vacations has trained hard for the great commitment, which will be his first in 2022. At his camp in San Diego he receives instructions from Eddy Reynosoas well as a multidisciplinary group that covers from the physical part to food.

A fundamental member of his team is the Bolivian physical trainer and rehabilitator Munir Somoya, who was featured in You Can’t Play Boxing the Canelo’s winning mentality and how he is an example to follow for the rest of the people within the venue.

“He has a mentality of winning more and more, he is an ambitious person,” Somoya commented on Saúl Álvarez.

Regarding the preparation for the big clash on May 7 against Bivol, he explained that workouts are meant to gain strength to be able to give battle to the Russian, who among his elements to highlight is his strong punch.

“We are gaining strength so that he can fight Dmitry Bivol,” Somoya remarked.

But the highlight of his statements were the details he provided about the 31-year-old boxer’s diet, which in recent months he confessed that he had become a vegan.

“He wants to eat in the cleanest way possible, he saw a documentary that inspired them (…) it is not that he is vegan 24/7, once in a while on a weekend he treats himself to animal proteinMunir Somoya revealed.

But the discipline in Álvarez’s gym was the most repeated by the Bolivian specialist, who also praises the Eddy Reynoso’s capacity for motivation with the boxers he manages, which in addition to Canelo has Andy Ruiz and Óscar Valdez:

“He is an example. I always go to the area with Eddy to listen to what he says to the fighters. Being by his side is a daily learning ”

With more than three years of experience working side by side with Canelo Álvarez and Eddy Reynoso, Somoya knows firsthand the struggle of this successful boxing pair, where they came from and everything they have had to go through to achieve success:

“Very few people know what Eddy and Canelo went through. They went through everything, because of hunger, economically it was not enough for them at all. I value that a lot because they come from below. That gives me a lot of feeling and motivation that everything is possible in life”

Preparation for the lawsuit Canelo vs. bivol

Already talking about the details of the Canelo vs. clash. Bivol, Munir Somoya commented from his experience what the moments before a great fight are like and the climate within the team that guards the Guadalajara corner.

He remarked that he suffers the fight almost the same as the boxerespecially the 72 hours prior to the commitment: I suffer a lot from the fight: “It’s very tense, very careful, the whole team shows a difficult character (laughs)”.

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