The “petromarcha” of Gustavo Petro 2023/09/29

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President Gustavo Petro He returned to Colombia a few days ago after having attended the 78th UN General Assembly in New York, carrying with him a not very good taste in his mouth upon knowing that his speech attracted more attention due to the audio alteration, which was made from Presidency of the Republic when he addressed his words to an almost empty assembly and with edited applause, which really had his participation and his emboldened speech in the background.

Inside and outside Colombia, ridicule was made of his speech, the loneliness of the assembly and the applause he received while he believed he was shining at the top of the UN. If you watch the video, you can clearly see the discomfort of Petro knowing that the assembly was emptying while he waited to begin his speech.

When the mockery went viral, it was learned that the Presidency thanked the person responsible for the embarrassing video, who was a contractor for the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia. There was no room for the shame they put a president through who doesn't get out of one and gets into another.

As the days passed and New York calmed down, the news came out that Nicolas Petroson of Gustavo Petro, did not reach an agreement with the Colombian Prosecutor's Office to advance the investigation carried out against him for money laundering and illicit enrichment, as well as the agreement to cooperate regarding the irregular money that entered his campaign. father. Given this, the junior and lover of baseball caps Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer He will have to face his trial that begins in November and could leave him in prison for 15 years. The presidential eldest son continues his trial in freedom. There is talk that his opinion about cooperating with the prosecution changed after an express visit that his father made to Barranquilla, the city where he is being held.

Likewise, it recently came to light that the wife of a Colombian drug trafficker supported the presidential candidacy of Gustavo Petro.

Upon learning of these facts, the Colombian president called for marches in Bogotá and in the main cities of the South American country during September 27, 28 and 29 to defend his government's reforms, seek support from society and try to support your candidate Gustavo Bolivarwho will participate to win the mayor of Bogotá at the end of October.

Based on the information that has been given in the last few hours, more than 50 civil organizations, labor unions, unions, public officials, indigenous movements related to the government and followers of Petro They were part of the September 27 march that the president called the march “for life.” Many are rumored to have been transported or have been purchased by the Petrista government.

In Bogotá more than 32 thousand people were present in Plaza Bolívar and in the streets of the capital. Thousands were counted in the country's main cities, too.

The march seems to have been a desperate act by a president who wants to continue living in a bubble or in an illusion that is no longer what happened when he won the presidency.

It was the march of Petrosummoned by Petro to support Petro and financed by the government of Petro.

It was a “petromarch” to carry out political promotion and to feel artificially supported by a people who are eating up their scandals in just over a year of government.

Doesn't it resemble anyone in particular? Me.

Among populists they are quite similar.

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