The PAN, PRI and PRD demand that the Electoral Prosecutor investigate Mario Delgado for irregular flows of money to the campaign of Américo Villarreal


Mexico.- The general legal coordinators of the PAN, Raymundo Bolaños; from the PRI, Israel Chaparro; and from the PRD, Ángel Ávila, filed a complaint with the Specialized Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes (FEDE) against the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, for the irregular financing of the campaign of the Morena candidate for the government of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal.

“We need and demand a level playing field, we need and demand that the elections in Tamaulipas and in the other five states that today have an electoral process be carried out in accordance with the law. Mario Delgado has become a cynical electoral criminal, who also presumes criminal acts on social networks and presumes criminal acts in the media,” said PAN member Bolaños.

He said that this action is a preventive measure to prevent organized crime from entering the Tamaulipas elections, where there is a diversity of media outlets documenting irregular flows of resources against various Morena candidates and that, once again, converge on Mario Delgado.

Bolaños affirmed that it is no longer tolerable that Mexican justice and its institutions continue to be mocked and added that in Tamaulipas, acts of illicit enrichment and criminal association by Américo Villarreal and Mario Delgado are being denounced, in order to prevent the Organized crime enters electoral campaigns.

For his part, Israel Chaparro assured that “we are not going to allow Morena and her hosts to continue using this way to pressure and buy consciences, it is a strong attack against democracy.”

He stressed that the PAN-PRI-PRD coalition is not going to allow criminal groups to continue financing Morena and her candidates.

In turn, Ángel Ávila said that the objective of this joint action is to prevent the electoral processes that are underway from becoming “narco-elections.”

“We are concerned that Morena in Tamaulipas is being financed by business groups with money that we do not know where it comes from, that it is money of illicit origin and that it is obviously playing in this election”

With information from the PAN

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