The PAAX GNP 2024 Festival is fine-tuned; there will be ballet, recitals and opera

The PAAX GNP 2024 Festival is fine tuned; there will be
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South African soprano Pretty Yende, tenor Michael Fabiano, trumpeter Pacho Flores, pianist Thomas Enhco, guitarist Thibaut García and choreographer Christopher
Wheeldon will headline the third edition of the PAAX GNP Festivalwhich will take place from June 26 to July 7, 2024, at the Xcaret Arte Hotel, in Quintana Roo, Alondra de la Parra, director of the meeting, announced yesterday.

In total, 100 artists from 20 countries will participate over 12 days, who will participate in five symphonic concerts, two ballet galas, two chamber music recitals and an opera gala that will serve as a backdrop to commemorate the centenary. mournful by Giacomo Puccini, in addition to a piano performance, the concerts dark sideamong others.

Artists such as the French accordionist Felicien Brut, the Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital and the Quinteto Nuevo Tango, Gonzalo Grau, will also participate; the dancers William Bracewell, Jovani Furlan, Robbie Fairchild, Lauren Lovette and Marianela Núñez and the singer Natalia Lafourcade.

In interview with Excelsior, De la Parra commented that when he began organizing this festival “our intention was to bring symphonic music closer to Mexico and promote Mexican musical talents to disseminate and grant the due recognition that Mexican musical culture deserves.

To do this, we commissioned the first symphony of maestro Arturo Márquez, the Impossible Symphony, in the first edition of the Festival; Last year we had the young Mexican ballet talent Fabrizzio Ulloa, and this year we will return to the interpretation of pieces by Márquez, Gabriela Ortiz and a collaboration with Natalia Lafourcade that excites us very much,” he explained.

Will there be premieres at the 2024 forum? “Commissioning new pieces in each edition is one of the objectives of the festival. This year we have choreography by Christopher Wheeldon. Also by Paul McGill, an immensely talented American choreographer; and we will also be able to enjoy the compositions for chamber music by the pianist and composer Thomas Enhco.”

What is the festival's view of the division of musical genres? “The 'blurring of genders' was something that I longed to achieve with this festival, and this question makes me very happy, because it reaffirms that it is something that we are achieving. Symphonic music is as alive as any other genre.

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For this reason, we invite the musicians who play Brahms during the afternoon symphonic concert to show us that “B side” during the dark sideso that the public can live these two experiences that blur barriers and eliminate stereotypes (such as that classical musicians are serious and boring people), and that is of vital importance for the festival and for me personally,” he expressed.

HOTEL XCARET ART. The inaugural event will take place on June 26 and will be led by French guitarist Thibaut García who will play El Concerto de Aranjuez, by Joaquín Rodrigo.


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