The other disappearance of three American women in Tamaulipas that has not been resolved since 2021

The kidnapping of four US citizens in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and the death of two of them, captured the attention of the media and revealed the climate of violence and insecurity that exists in that state.

However, this alarming situation has prevailed in the state for several years, causing its inhabitants to be at the mercy of organized crime without any authority doing anything about it.

Even, This is not the first case of Americans who cross the border and disappear in Tamaulipasas a similar event occurred in 2021 and unfortunately it could not be resolved.

It was two years ago when Blasa Guadalupe Pigeon38 years old, his daughter Blasa Guadalupe18, and ercia pearl38, traveled to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, for Ercia to see an eye doctor for an infection in one eye.

The three women were last seen crossing into Mexico around 3 pm on March 3, 2021. They were traveling in a white Toyota Corolla with Texas license plates.

After his disappearance, the San Antonio division of the FBI launched an alert regarding the possibility of having been kidnapped. According to the authorities, the teenager did not carry the medications that she should be taking daily. In addition, the two older women have small children and it is ruled out that they had the intention of abandoning them.

Although it was not confirmed that the victims were deprived of their liberty, an unofficial version circulated stating that the Northeast Cartelone of the criminal groups that confronts the Gulf Cartel in Tamaulipas.

Despite the fact that it is an event similar to the one that occurred a few days ago, on that occasion a reward was not offered in exchange for information, nor was it widely disseminated in the media or by the authorities.

Maybe that's why Two years after that unfortunate event, the whereabouts of the three women who lived in Laredo, Texas are unknown.. The latest reports available on this case date from May 2021. At that time, the search for the three US citizens continued.

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