The origin of the rivalry: Why is there friction between Atlas and Querétaro?

What Happened Between the Bars Querétaro White Roosters and Atlas FC It has been recurrent although it never reached the extremes of the last game, where the local fans attacked the visitors, leaving a large number of injured.

However, in 2007 began what can be considered the "genesis" of the rivalry between both teams. It was right at the Jalisco Stadium where the extreme rivalry would begin, when Atlas and Gallos Blancos met on Sunday, April 29, so that the Querétaro team sought salvation and remained in the first division of Mexican soccer, something that ended up being the opposite. .

The first confrontation between Atlas and Querétaro fans took place at the Jalisco Stadium, for the relegation match in April 2007. (Photo: JAM Media Archive)

Due to the frustration of the Gallos Blancos fans who visited Jalisco, the first acts of violence occurred between them, facing blows in the stands and around the stadium, leaving an unfortunate image among them. On the other hand, the red and black followers made fun of what happened, letting the repudiation of the Queretans grow.

Although that should never have been a justification for the first acts of violence to take place, that rivalry became "high risk" and in 2010 they returned to face each other in La Corregidora. Atlas fans "invaded" the stadium as it happened in the relegation match, in an attitude of defiance and personal revenge. On that occasion, the result was the same: Blows, injuries, arrests and excesses inside and outside the stadium.

After the first two events, the authorities decided to take action on the matter and it was decided that the visiting bars could not go to Jalisco and La Corregidora, respectively, as visitors. Although the measure served to prevent new acts of violence, the decision was reversed in 2013, considering it an error because both faced each other to fight not to descend and the result was the same.

Atlas fans often make fun of Gallos Blancos' descent in recent years. (Photo: Courtesy)

Clashes between fans of Atlas and Gallos Blancos de Querétaro have continued to the present day, with one group accusing the other of starting the fights or starting the taunts over relegation. However, no authority took action on the matter.

Due to the latest acts of violence that occurred last Saturday at the La Corregidora Stadium, the MX League An investigation began with the authorities to determine the pertinent sanctions, even results are expected to find those responsible for the events and bring them to justice.

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