The options to get the money back from a Bizum made by mistake

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A person makes a payment through Bizum. (Europa Press)

Surely it has happened to you at some point that, after making a bizum, you have realized that some information was not correct. The first reaction is usually to look for the option to cancel it from your mobile application or contact the person to whom you have done it, however, there are other options when it comes to recovering one of these instant transfers.

Can a bizum be canceled through the mobile application? As it is an instant system, The money is paid immediately to the recipient. For this reason, there is no option to request the cancellation or return of the payment from the website or mobile application. However, there would be a case in which cancellation from the app is allowed, which is when the number to which you have made the bizum is not registered in the service.

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1. Contact the person to whom you have sent the bizum

The simplest solution is to contact the person to whom you sent the wrong bizum. Here a lot will depend on the degree of trust you have with the other person, since the decision to cancel it or return your money will be theirs. Some entities, such as Bankinter, have the option of returning a bizum from the movement itself, which makes management much easier. In the case of this entity, you have a period of 3 days to make the return.

2. Ask the person for a bizum for the same amount

It may also happen that you have mistakenly sent a bizum to a person you do not know or with whom you do not trust. In these cases, a possible solution would be request a bizum from that person for the same amount.

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3. Go to your bank to request cancellation

One option may be to go to your office or manager to request a retrocession of the bizum amount. It is important that you keep in mind that this does not guarantee that you will receive your payment back, your bank makes a request to the other entity, which will be in charge of managing the request.

Have you ever sent a bizum to a contact in your address book who was not registered in the service? Even if your bank shows you a notice warning you, sometimes in a hurry it can happen. In these cases, the person who receives it has 2 calendar days to register in bizum with that mobile phone and receive the payment. The good news, as we told you at the beginning, is that In that period you can cancel the shipment if you wish.

Although there are several solutions to cancel a bizum, it is advisable to be careful and Pay a lot of attention to prevent unforeseen events and small scares. Normally, when making a payment, whether a bank transfer or a bizum, financial institutions anticipate that we can make a mistake and therefore, Once we have completed all the data, they show it to us again so that we can confirm or rectify it. thus avoiding mistakes.

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