The opposition Front is fractured in CDMX; the enemy is not inside: Xóchitl Gálvez

The opposition Front is fractured in CDMX; the enemy is
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Behind the cupular designation of the PAN member Santiago Taboada as the sole pre-candidate of the opposition to the Head of Government, Adrián Rubalcava resigned from the PRI and accused of betrayal of Alejandro Morenonational leader of the tricolor.

In conference, the mayor of Cuajimalpa licensed and who aspired to be a candidate, criticized that, despite leading the polls, the Wide Front preferred to impose someone accused of alleged criminal ties.

For a long time I considered him (Moreno) my friend; “I believed in his lies and that his support was honest,” he said, adding that the PRI leader only informed him via WhatsApp about his support for Taboada.

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He stated that although They offered him a senatorship As a consolation prize, he did not accept it and will meditate on his political future.

In Puebla, the virtual presidential candidate of the Front, Xóchitl Gálvez, acknowledged receipt of the fracture and called to close ranks around the appointment of Taboada because “the adversary is not among us.”

He PRD member Luis Espinosa Cházaroalso a candidate, reported an impositionalthough he did not break with the opposition alliance.

At night, Morena CDMX expressed: “We leave the door open and invite the disenchanted PRI members and PRD members to join the construction of the Second Floor of the Fourth Transformation.”

With information from Raúl Flores.


The PRI and PRD candidates to the Head of Government by the coalition Goes through CDMX They accused that there was imposition of the Broad Front for Mexico (FAM) with the designation by Santiago Taboada as the sole opposition candidate.

The mayor of Cuajimalpa with temporary license, Adrian Rubalcavastated that “the Broad Front does betray,” so he will leave the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

He accused the national president of the tricolor, Alejandro MorenoYet the FAM coordinator, Xóchitl Gálvezto look after only their personal interests and not a democratic selection process.

For a long time I considered him (Moreno) my friend; I believed in his lies and that his support was honest, unfortunately his personal interests lead me, despite being the leader in Mexico City, to have to retire and not receive consolation prizes, it is not a matter of job, job I don't need it,” he said.

In a message to the media, Rubalcava he added that they offered a senatorshipwhich he rejected.

Likewise, he regretted the treatment given to him by the national president of the PRIwho – he said – notified him of the Front's decision to support Taboada via WhatsApp and then in a phone call he insulted him.

Regarding his political future, he commented that he will consider what it will be.

I haven't made any determination, there is a lot of speculation; This doesn't just hurt me, it hurts society, a middle class that continues to hope to find another option for the government and unfortunately I tell you from here that the Frente Amplio does betray its best cadres."

To the place where Rubalcava offered a message arrived Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevaswho avoided answering if he would also leave the Forehead.

The support is given frontally, I have always been frontal and today I come to say openly that you have my support and that you have Cuauhtémoc so that we can fight wherever we have to,” Cuevas commented.

On November 5, when the three parties registered their platform as a coalition, the route of the internal process was announced, which indicated that it could be annulled if there was an agreement between the leaders.


Luis Espinosa Cházarowho aspired to be pre-candidate for the PRDagreed that the designation of Taboada It was an imposition.

I am very sorry that my lifelong party, that of the 'Democratic' Revolution, has given in to the imposition of a candidate (what we historically criticize so much),” he published on his social network account X.

However, was placed under the orders of the national coordinator of the FAM: “@XochitlGalvez I'm not leaving, I'm not leaving. Ready for what's next! ”She indicated.

In response, the national leader of the PRI recognized Espinosa Chazaro for his commitment to the coalition. "I am convinced that he will continue to participate and with his experience and ability we will build victory in the country's capital."


At night, Morena Ciudad de México expressed: “We leave the door open and invite the disenchanted PRI members and PRD members to join the construction of the Second Floor of the Fourth Transformation.”

In a statement, the guinda party regretted that “in an undemocratic act the rights of the candidates” of the opposition have been violated.

*The enemy is outside the Front, said Xóchitl Gálvez. Photo: Taken from X.


While different characters of the Broad Front for Mexico (FAM) They closed ranks with Santiago Taboada as a pre-candidate for Head of Government, PRI, PAN and PRD in the city they did not comment on the resignation and accusations of Adrian Rubalcava.

Was Xóchitl Gálvez, FAM coordinator, who He called for unity and closing ranks for face Morena prior to the announcement of mayor of Cuajimalpa with licence.

To all the people who are or who I know were competing (Espinosa) Cházaro, to our Rubalcava, well the call I would make is: let's stay united, let's close ranks because the adversary is not among us," he expressed in Puebla. And later, he supported the PAN member.

In that same entity, the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Morenomentioned that the decision to go with Santiago Taboada is due to the fact that “he is a man of results.”

He stated that the tricolor goes with the most committed profiles and that “the important thing about the Front is competitiveness.”

While, Taboada He thanked the messages of support from different political actors.

By Raúl Flores Martínez and Fernando Pérez Corona.


Taboada is the only candidate in the country's capital

Sandra Cuevas


@AdrianRubalcava You are not alone: ​​You have my support and that of #Cuauhtémoc to continue fighting and working for #CDMX! #SCA

Xochitl Galvez


A bright future awaits Mexico City with your hand,

@STaboadaMx. I recognize your leadership and your ability to deliver results. You have my full support.

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