The OECD starts a forum on good practices against climate change with 100 countries

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One hundred countries gathered by the OECD participate today and tomorrow in the first meeting of the so-called Inclusive Forum for the Mitigation of Carbon emissions which aims to improve the global fight against climate change with the sharing of good practices.

The objective of this new instance of a rather technical nature is to facilitate exchanges and mutual learning for "optimization of the efforts of countries to reduce emissions", explained this Thursday the secretary general of the Organization for Cooperation and Development Economic (OECD), Mathias Cormann.

Among the States, which will be represented by senior administration officials, there are, in addition to the 38 members of the organization itself, the main emitters of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the emerging world, such as China, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia or Brazil, with the notable exception of Russia.

Cormann noted, in a presentation to the press of this new instance, that together they represent close to 95% of the world's gross domestic product (GDP) and 85% of the emissions and showed its desire for this weight to increase even more in the future.

The forum will take as a model the inclusive framework on international taxation put in place by the OECD that led to the agreements of the summer of 2021 in which 130 countries and jurisdictions committed themselves to establish a minimum rate of corporate tax and a mechanism for multinationals do not escape taxes by locating their headquarters in tax havens.

The Secretary General insisted that it is a matter of activating a platform for multilateral dialogue and helping to establish "mutual trust."

He pointed out that, although they want to take advantage of the OECD's experience in statistical comparison in particular, the forum is not intended to act as a body that serves to classify countries according to their efforts to mitigate climate change.

The director of the organization's fiscal policy center, Grace PĂ©rez-Navarro, pointed out that the available data will be used not to compare the countries, but to clarify the situation and provide clues for improvement.

He justified it because each State has a different starting situation and the goal is for each one to raise their level of ambition.

Cormann affirmed that it is intended to "complete the international actions" of other organizations such as the UNcontributing his knowledge especially in the statistical field.

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