The number of applications for unemployment insurance in the US skyrockets.

The unemployment rate in the US in the month of August was 3.7%, two tenths higher than the previous month.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that applications for unemployment benefits in the United States increased considerably during the past week compared to the previous ones, since the job offers decreased in the last days of September.

According to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the past week 219,000 applications for unemployment insurance were registereda big increase compared to other weeks which was 190,000.

Most analysts had estimated that the number of those procedures would be around 203,000. BLS reported that in the week of September 24 there was a total of 1,361,000 people who received this social benefit throughout the United States, a growth of 15,000 more people than the previous week.

The unemployment rate increased in the month of August to 3.7% two tenths higher than in previous months. With an average of 3.8% of men without work and 3.5% of women who do not have a job.

The Department of Labor had revealed that in August 315,000 work spaces were achieved, a lower figure than in July, when there were 500,000.

The largest increases in the number of applications for unemployment benefits occurred last week in Ohio with a total of 1,586 applications; For its part, in North Carolina there were 289, in Tennessee with 286, Arkansas registered 38 and Arizona had 35.

BLS also submitted that there were some decreases of applications in various states such as, Michigan that had 5,715 procedures less; as well as New York with 1,404.

The state of New Jersey recorded a casualty of 1,400, Missouri was 966 and Georgia revealed that it was 799.

The data and unemployment rates that were registered in September 2022 will be presented by the Department of Labor during these days.

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