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By. Ruben Cortes

In Morena, it is Ignacio Mier grotesque example of treatment in favor of family members to enjoy public office. The candidate to govern Puebla has children and nephews plugged into the budget. As the PRI classic would say: they are the pride of his nepotism.

Disciple and political godson of Manuel Bartlett, who took him from the PRI to Morena, Ignacio Mier He lobbied and got his daughter, Daniela Mier Bañuelos, be a deputy for Morena in the Congress of Puebla, without the need for her to campaign.

Due to blood rights, the daughter obtained the deputation via multi-member membership, taking advantage of the votes of the candidates of her party who did campaign. What's more, she was not even a Morenista: she even boasted about her voting for the PAN for the governorship in 2018.

Furthermore, a son of Ignacio Mier He is president of the Puebla municipality of Tecamachalco, sadly famous for the triggering of high-impact crimes: kidnappings, homicides, violent assaults. Today the son is a Morenista, but before he was a PRD and PAN member.

Although it is not that Ignacio Mier be the only one who practices nepotism in Morena, because About 25 members of the federal cabinet have direct family members working in the public administration. And that's only in documented cases.

Of course, it is not a crime for brothers, children, wives, husbands, nephews, uncles... to work in a public agency or obtain elected positions. However, they are cases of conflict of interest and limit accountability.

Nepotism is a moral and ethical issue, especially in Morena, since its statutes prohibit “the creation of tribes, factions, groups, internal currents and assignment of positions by quotas, clientelism, perpetuation in positions and the use of resources to impose or manipulate the will”.

Aha, only those statutes are written in ice, especially for the clan Wed from Puebla, since its boss, the candidate for governor, not only has a daughter and a son placed; also to a nephew: the businessman and politician Moisés Villaverde Wed.

Moisés Villaverde Mier He is the owner of Mizco Consultores SA de CV, a company that became very rich overnight, since in 2016 it had a turnover of 1.9 million, but from 2018 to 2021 it obtained public works and service contracts for 66.9 million pesos.

But, in addition to being a businessman lucky to receive millions of pesos government contracts, Moisés Villaverde Mier He is a substitute for the federal deputy Mario Miguel Carrillo Cubillashis uncle's multipurpose operator.

This coincides with the 400 million that it spends Ignacio Mier in the campaign, according to documents presented by the PAN deputy Ana Teresa Aranda before the Inspection unit of the INE.

Lots of wool.

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