The National University Award 2023/10/30

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During the presentation of the National University Award, Raúl Trejo Delarbre said that “UNAM cannot and does not want to subordinate itself to any political agenda.”

The National University Award

In a ceremony led by the rector Enrique Graue, the National University Prize was awarded. On behalf of those who received this distinction, he spoke Raúl Trejo Delarbre, who said that “UNAM cannot and does not want to subordinate itself to any political agenda,” because in that university “citizen liberties have been defended when the country has been most burdened by the darkness of authoritarianism.” The journalist also added that "intolerance of expert opinions, rejection of data and distrust of scientists and academics are attitudes that contaminate public life and confuse our society." In another part of his intervention, Trejo Delarbre He pointed out that “plagiarism is one of the most ignominious behaviors in academic life: he who plagiarizes deceives the University, but deceives himself, because he pretends to have merits that he does not have. That is why it is healthy that the University frankly assumes its existence and today has instruments to sanction the practice. Plagiarism, like the one carried out by the minister (of the Supreme Court) Yasmin Esquivel “It is an undesirable anomaly in university life.” All plagiarism must be sanctioned, he concluded.

A Reading Club was inaugurated at the Autonomous University of Mexico City, an example that other institutions of higher education should follow. At the closing, Mercedes Rodriguezcoordinator of the Del Valle campus, cited Jose Marti, who said that "the book is always a reason for joy, a truth that comes our way, a friend who awaits us, eternity that comes before us, a divine gust that comes to rest on our forehead... Books serve to to close the wounds that weapons open, they serve to build towns with the rubble that the revolutionary pickaxe has thrown to the ground; that light up what is hidden; that bring the dark to light; that illuminate with vivid colors all the fruitful and tireless works of creation. Books console, calm, prepare, enrich and redeem.” Yes, those are all books.

artificial intelligence

From San Diego the Mexican writes to this Republic Alina Stempa, who celebrates the agreement reached by the scriptwriters with the film and television companies. The strike, as is known, destroyed the companies' intention to replace writers through the use of artificial intelligence. He says Alina that her husband, also Mexican Rodrigo X. González, he had to march many times, and the effort was worth it, since they reached an agreement acceptable to both parties. Now it is to be hoped that the actors' union, headed by the beautiful Fran Drescherreach an agreement that also protects them from artificial intelligence.

805 thousand minors without school

He Purple Bulletin published by Mujeres Unidas por la Educación ( reports that “in Mexico, almost 805 thousand minors under 18 years of age have not had access to formal education. Most of them correspond to the preschool and primary level. What are the chances that your situation will change in the future? And if it changes, what level of use will they achieve if they do not have the necessary foundations? What development do they have and will they have in the other areas that the school promotes, communication, social-emotional skills, etc.? What are their living conditions? Where they live? What do they eat? “What access to health services and systems do they have?” The editors of Bulletin They urge us not to look away, to become indignant and not to stop acting.

Solidarity with the victims

Help for those affected by the hurricane Otis It can be deposited at the Mexican Red Cross, Juan Luis Vives 200-2, Col. Los Morales Polanco, Mexico City, tel. 55 1084 9000.

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