The music of Pink Floyd, with a symphony

The music of Pink Floyd, with a symphony
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XALAPA.-The parallelism between the music of the British group Pink Floyd and the historical and social events since its birth in 1965, are part of a project in which the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) demonstrates that rock continues to be a living and influential, with the presentation of the concert Pink Floyd Symphony Vol.II

On December 2, the University Popular Music Orchestra, under the direction of maestro Rubén Flores and the group Inside of The Moon, directed by Octavio Gavidia, will offer a repertoire that includes songs such as Dogs, High hopes, Coming back to life and Atom heart mother.

The immortal Cs cannot be missedComfortably numb, Wish you were here, Shine on you crazy diamond and Another brick in the wall with a visual spectacle on a screen.

León Alfonso Colorado Hernández, general director of Cultural Diffusion of the UV, explained that this presentation closes the 2023 season of activities.

Let's think about the importance and influence of Pink Floyd's lyrics, which have a critical, philosophical nature, which since 1965 has encouraged various social, climatic, and economic crises that we are experiencing now," he explained.

He also said that it is a cultural structure, because the group also became involved in the cinematographic field and influenced musicians, filmmakers, designers, writers and public opinion, since one of its members, Roger Waters, became involved actively in political and social issues.

All this, from the perspective of the debate, falls on musical genres. Rock is also a historical genre and there is a debate about whether it is alive or not and it depends on how it is understood, precisely this concert is a sign that the genre is very alive.”

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