The most useful widgets on Android


Personalize a cell phone Both in its appearance and its functionalities, it is one of the favorite tasks of users when they buy a new terminal and want to adapt it to their tastes.

An important part of this “job” is choosing the widgets that can facilitate the most frequent tasks that are carried out, which can range from listening to music, to reading WhatsApp messages or viewing the agenda more quickly.

Here are a few that you can try on your phone:

1. hurry up

It is a calendar allows viewing, from the home screen of the cell phone, all the commitments filed in the calendar. The events can be loaded both manually and automatically by copying those that are already saved in the phone’s own agenda.

Something that gives this application a distinctive character is the fact that it allows you to add images, colors or even gifs to each of the cards, which facilitates the process of personalizing and identifying them.

2.Battery Widget Reborn

This tool allows the user know exactly the battery status of your phone. This includes not only the percentage of remaining charge, but also other aspects such as its temperature and the applications that are consuming the most energy in the terminal.


This Widget allows you to keep track of the entertainment content that the user has viewed in recent days. Based on this, the application shows the person the release date of the next episodes of the series or movies similar to the list.


This feature of the popular music streaming app makes it possible control the player from the home screen without the need to access the app. As part of its functions is the ability to pause, skip and like the songs that are played.

5. Google Photos

This Google feature allows you to have a kind of digital portrait frame on the phone screen which is responsible for displaying, as memories, images of the user stored in its cloud photo service.

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