The most expensive forwards in Colombian football: Marco Pérez and Dayro Moreno, far from the top positions

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Dayro Moreno and Marco Pérez do not appear on the list of the ten most expensive forwards in Colombian professional football - credit / Infobae design
Dayro Moreno and Marco Pérez do not appear on the list of the ten most expensive forwards in Colombian professional football - credit / Infobae design

Colombian forwards have always had great value in the local tournament and in international football. The BetPlay League There are several scorers with a good volume of goals, and others who stand out for the high salaries they earn, in a position that is generally the best paid on the teams.

The curious thing about the list is that in the top positions of the most expensive signings in Colombian football, in terms of scorers, The two players who command the goal statistics in 2023 do not appear: Dayro Moreno and Marco Pérez, which are after 30th and 40th place, respectively.

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5. Adrián Balboa – Deportivo Pereira

The champion of the second half of 2022 paid 750,000 euros for the Uruguayan-born scorer. The player who arrived from Defensor Sporting in his country has played twelve games and has scored four times in the BetPlay League. In the Colombia Cup he has played two games and has not managed to score.

4. Gonzalo Lencina – Junior from Barranquilla

For a value of 900,000 euros, the signing of the 26-year-old Argentine forward appears. After his time at Atlético Bucaramanga he arrived at the Barranquilla team, but his performance has not been as expected. With one goal in 15 games, he is the fourth most expensive in all of Colombian football.

3. Tomás Ángel – Atlético Nacional

The pass of Tomás, the heir of Juan Pablo Ángel, costs 950,000 euros. At 20 years old, the attacker born in Medellín has spent his career at Atlético Nacional, where he has won a league, a cup and a super league. In terms of goals, he has scored eight times, two in the Colombia Cup and six in the BetPlay League.

2. Leonardo Castro - Millonarios FC

One million euros costs the transfer of the Millonarios FC scorer. The striker born in El Tambo appears at 31 years old. He has a total of 32 games in the League and nine goals, four games in the Colombia Cup and four goals. In the Copa Sudamericana he has played four games and scored three times, for the Copa Libertadores he has one goal in four appearances.

1. Facundo Suárez - América de Cali

Worth a million dollars, The 29-year-old Argentine forward has a total of ten goals in 34 BetPlay League games and has not been able to score in the Colombia Cup, where he has played two games with the team from the capital of Valle del Cauca.

Marco Perez It is located in box 33 for a price of 300,000 euros. The scorer already has a tally of 25 goals this year and was the top scorer in the first tournament of the year and everything seems to indicate that the same situation will be the same for the second half of 2023.

Dayro Moreno He is second on the list with 19 scores in 2023, but Once Caldas has already been eliminated from the tournament. The scorer with a past in local and international football is located in box 47 with a transfer value of around 200,000 euros.

Hugo Rodallega, who is fourth in the standings, appears in 57th place with a value of 150,000 euros. The Independiente Santa Fe scorer adds twelve goals during 2023 and arrived at the Bogotá club as a

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