The most common ways to break a cell phone in the United States: has it happened to you?

It is common for users to break or damage their phones by mistake. Whether through an accidental drop or wet from the rain, mobile phones are delicate and can easily be damaged.

Added to this is the fact that on many occasions users do not usually follow the safety recommendations offered by both the manufacturers and the operators themselves, which has the consequence that damage or malfunctions occur in the equipment.

In order to know what are the most common causes of damage to phones, AT&T conducted a national survey of more than 3,000 US consumers.

According to the results, the most common way to break a phone is by dropping it while taking it out of a pocket or bag, with 25% of cases. The second most common way is letting it slip out of hand while talking or texting, at 20%.

In third place is forgetting the phone in the lap while standing up, with 16%. Another 10% of the participants reported that their phone broke after something fell on it, while 9% indicated that they dropped it while taking a photo. These results show that most of the time, phones break due to everyday accidents, such as carelessness or a bad maneuver.

How to protect the phone from accidents

To protect a phone from bumps or falls, it is important to take some simple but effective measures:

1. Use a protective cover: a good cover can help absorb shock in the event of falls or bumps. There are many different types available on the market, from soft cases to cases with extra features like water protection.

2. Use a screen saver: A screen saver helps protect the phone screen from scratches and scrapes that may arise from drops or bumps. Multiple types of protectors are available on the market, the resistance of which can vary depending on the materials in which they are made.

3. Avoid dangerous situations: Although it's not always possible, it's important to avoid leaving your phone in situations where it could fall or be damaged, such as on a slippery table or in an area where it could get wet.

4. Unplug it correctly: It is important disconnect the phone carefully from the cables and other devices to avoid damaging the ports and connectors.

5. Use a case to transport it: When carrying the phone, It is recommended to use a protective case to avoid bumps and falls. These differ from covers because they are accessories

By following these simple tips, a phone can be protected against situations that could damage it, ensuring its durability and optimal performance.

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