The morning syndrome

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Francisco Garfias.

The representative of Morena in the General Council of the INE, Eurípides Flores, suffers from early morning syndrome. Similar to what his supreme leader does daily, he disqualified the electoral advisers. He said that they are part of “the electoral mafia.”

He did his little act at the session of the Institute's General Council, called to name Roberto Heycher Cardiel as the head of the Institute's Executive Secretariat.

He replaces Edmundo Jacobo, whose dismissal is seen as the start of AMLO's electoral “Plan B” that has just come into force.

Euripides assured that the purpose of this Plan B is to end the excesses and extravagances of an INE spendalon. Added:

“In a democracy, the main actor is the people, not the INE, not Lorenzo Córdova, not Ciro Murayama, not Edmundo Jacobo… That is the most serious confusion that the electoral mafia has that is here in the INE and in some spaces of the court electoral…"

CĂłrdova, INE President Councilor, interrupted him:

“I understand the mood of vulgarity that your intervention inspires, but I am going to ask you to behave with respect towards the directors. You have just made an intervention offending them and that, as long as I occupy this presidency, I will not allow it.

Not happy with the role he made, the morenista wrote on his twitter account:

“Today Córdova overflowed in partiality and vulgarity. To me the grievances of the buffoons and lackeys of those who feel like the king of the INE do what the wind does to Juárez. They are an electoral mafia. I said so and I stand by it."

So the level.


Carla Humphrey was shaved from the list of candidates for electoral advisers of the INE. She already occupies a place in the General Council of the Institute, but she wants to preside over it.

Her eyes shone when the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary issued a sentence ordering that the next president of the Institute be a woman. She said: I'm from here.

Registered as a candidate. He passed the first cut but not the second, in which 531 people remained who will be examined next Tuesday in the plenary hall of the Chamber of Deputies.

The aforementioned Committee, made up of seven notables, is in charge of integrating the four quintets that will be sent to the Chamber of Deputies.

Humphrey was eliminated because she has been an electoral adviser for more than two and a half years. The president of the INE lasts nine years in office. Carla would add more than eleven years is president. She would exceed the term for which she was elected.

“This would consist of a re-election and they would occupy the position for more than the 9 years established in the Constitution”, explained Mayte Azuela, on behalf of the Committee. Humphrey announced that he will seek "legal routes" to challenge its removal.

Since we are: the TEPJF sentence will not be complied with by the deputies. They allege that the magistrates of the electoral tribunal assume legislative tasks that do not correspond to them and that the decision of the TEPJF reached them after the process had finished.


By the way. A rain of unconstitutionality actions is coming against AMLO's "Plan B", described yesterday by Lorenzo CĂłrdoba as "a retrogressive reform, intolerance and abuse of power."

The INE president counselor announced that he will use all legal and juridical means to overthrow AMLO's electoral plan.

The MC presented yesterday the first action of unconstitutionality. Next Thursday another four will come from the PAN, PRI and PRD. One in the name of the coalition. The other three will be presented individually by each of those parties.


Thursday was a day of contrasts for Rafael Luna. The plenary session of the Senate elected him as INAI commissioner, but in the debate they ugly disqualified him.

Senator Xóchitl Gálvez, PAN, assured in a forum that she spent more than 30 hours analyzing the resumes. "I put five zeros on him," she said.

The senator from Morena, CĂ©sar Cravioto, agreed that, of all those evaluated, Rafael Luna, linked to Ricardo Monreal, "was the worst."

Damián Zepeda, PAN, highlighted that of the 48 qualified applicants, the new commissioner was in 47th place. "We continue in the stage of friends and quotas," he stressed.

Let's talk to Luna. She gave us her version of what happened:

“The situation was that Xóchitl brought his candidate, named Marina. Kenia (López) proposed to another of hers and the MC accompanied her. That caused Xochitl discomfort. Cravioto supported César Bonilla.

“The three of them let me come because of the issue of qualifications, which were very biased. They said that I have no preparation, ”she narrated.

And he sent us his resume: he is a doctor in law with honorable mention from UNAM; He has spent 30 years as a teacher at the Faculty of Law of the highest House of Studies. He is also a competitive professor at the University “which is more difficult than a doctoral exam”.


The deputy Luís Espinosa Cházaro, coordinator of the PRD bench in San Lázaro, will render his first Legislative Report “Smells like an uncovering” on March 11, we are told. The legislator wants to succeed Claudia Sheinbaun as the head of government of CDMX. No more no less.


ANDhe journalist Arturo Zárate Vite was accused of harassment and sexual abuse when he was a spokesman for the CNDH. In 2012 he was taken to the Altiplano prison, where he was tortured for a crime that he claims he did not commit. After obtaining two pleas of not guilty, they reopened the case and reversed it against him.

On March 22, at 10:30 a.m., journalists and family members will gather in front of the SCJN to demand that the matter be brought up and reviewed by the highest court.


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