The Mexican Softball League is born: The first professional in Latin America

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The Mexican Baseball Leaguethe main professional circuit of this sport in the country, announced last Wednesday, September 20, the creation of the Mexican Softball League (LMS) feminine, the first of a professional nature in Mexico and Latin Americaa project that seeks to “promote innovation, gender equality and development of women's professional sports“.

During the presentation, held in a hotel in Mexico City, Horacio de la Vega, Executive President of the Mexican Baseball League; Rolando Guerrero, President of the Mexican Softball Federation; Gabriel Medina, Sports Director of the LMB; Julissa Iriarte, professional umpire; and the softball players Lupita de la Torre, Linnah Rebolledo, Stefanía Aradillas and Marlene Espinoza.

The six founding clubs of the LMS will be the Red Devils of MexicoBravos de León, El Águila de Veracruz, Yucatan LionsOlmecs of Tabasco and Sultans of Monterrey. The teams will play the games in the same stadiums as their men's namesakes.

Horacio de la VegaExecutive President of the LMB, emphasized:

This is a very important project. We are witnesses of a historic presentation. If we all work together we will make this new league grow in the following years.

The first edition of the LMS will start its regular season next January 25, 2024 and will end a month later on February 25, while the postseason will begin two days later, on the 27th. 60 games that will make up this first tournament will be played 7 entries and to form the templates, a draft on a date yet to be defined.

The player Lupita de la Torre commented the following about this great step for the growth of women's sports in Mexico: “It is an honor and a pride that they take us into account to create a professional softball league, since this is a sport that has opened the doors for us both sportingly. as academically. It is an honor and a privilege to be here, more than anything to be backed by the support of the LMB, this league is a dream and it is going to be a watershed. It will be a dream for the girls to become part of a professional softball team”.

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