The Mexican National Team would be in the hands of a South American: El Tri would already have a strong candidate for the bench

El Tri comes from failing in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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El Tri has not started his work after the Qatar World Cup 2022. The main reason is that There is no designated coach who will begin drawing the new process for El Tri with a view to the 2026 World Cup. Many names have been on the table, but everything seems to indicate that Guillermo Almada It would be the favorite of the great leaders of Mexican soccer.

Names like those of Miguel Herrera, Ricardo Ferretti, Jaime Lozano and even that of Marcelo Bielsa have sounded to assume the reins of El Tri. But really who would take the lead would be Almada, despite the fact that he has a contract with the Pachuca club.

Guillermo Almada is the most accepted option

According to information from Mediotiempo, Guillermo Almada moves to first place on the list of candidates thanks to the fact that the owners of the great Mexican soccer clubs would have given him the go-ahead. This is a great boost to your candidacy.

It is worth remembering that Guillermo Almada still has a contract with Pachuca. The Uruguayan directs them in this season in which he has already two wins and one loss. But Almada's link with the Tuzos would not be a problem, since the strategist would have a clause in your contract that allows you to terminate it in the event that a team decides to purchase your services.

Guillermo Almada knows Mexican soccer very well, one of the great requirements that the new El Tri coach must have. The future of the Aztec team would once again fall into foreign hands after the criticized process of Gerardo Martino.

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