"The (Mexican) National Team is going to suffer": Víctor Manuel Vucetich | Video

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Victor Manuel Vucetich is not willing to return to being the "fireman" of the The Mexican Futbol selection in the middle of the growing concern that has generated the process of Gerardo Martino at the head of the Tricolor Less than two months before the start of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Vucetich Rojas, 67 years old, who 10 days ago suffered a drop in blood pressure during the training of scratched and had to be transferred to a local hospital to undergo the corresponding studies, He said he's going through a extraordinary moment in your life and this is not the time to suffer.

I have always said no (to the National Team). I am in an extraordinary stage of my life and today I have to enjoy and enjoy football, that is what I want.

and added the call "King Midas" of Mexican soccer:

There (Selection) sometimes you are going to suffer, so it is not the time to suffer, I think it is time to be enjoying my family, my friends, the environment, everything, in an institution (Rayados) and a hobby that has there's been a very nice endorsement.

Vucetich took the reins of Mexican team, on September 12, 2013, in one of the most complicated moments in its history, after replacing Luis Fernando Tena, to face the last two games of the Hexagonal Final of the Concacaf towards the World Cup Brazil 2014.

He debuted on October 11 in a match against Panama with a score of 2-1 in favor of Mexico, thanks to a spectacular Chilean goal from Raul Jimenez. And four days later he directs his second game against Costa Rica losing 2-1.

Although Mexico maintained the possibility of qualifying for the World Cup, the team's environment was extremely difficult and Vucetich received harsh criticism, despite the short time he was in charge of the national team.

On October 17, Vucetich announced his departure from the Mexican National Team, leaving the table set for the arrival of Michael Herrera "borrowed" by America club to lead the national team in the international playoff against New Zealand, where, finally, the long-suffering ticket to the Brazilian fair was achieved.

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