The Mexican César Montes could leave Spanish football with a millionaire clause

César Montes lives a dream moment in European football. The Mexican was acquired by Espanyol de Barcelona during the winter market. The Aztec has not only earned a place within the "Periquito" group, it has also generated interest from a couple of Premier League clubs.

The latest precedents in Spain were not very encouraging for Montes. Diego Lainez and José Juan Macías had to return to Liga MX after failing in the respected Spanish league. But this story did not repeat itself with Montes, defender who has dazzled in LaLiga.

The Premier League on the horizon

The English soccer market handles large amounts of money. This factor allows Premier League clubs to stock up on the best players that play in the Old Continent. César Montes could be an example of this.

According to information from "La Grada", the 26-year-old Mexican defender would be on the radar of two English teams. Raúl Jiménez's Nottingham Forest and Wolverhampton Wanderers They would be the clubs interested in the Aztec. However, the same source points out that the Spanish team would not let their recent signing go so easily. César Montes would have a contract termination clause that would be around €30 million euros ($31.9 million dollars).

For now, the Mexican will continue to gain experience in Europe, because among its records it does not even reach ten games in the Old Continent. Montes will have to maintain his level in this final stretch of the season to motivate the great English teams to make a investment of similar magnitudes to strengthen its defenses.

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