The Mexican Brandon Moreno is the undisputed champion of the UFC | Video

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after a tie in the first duel for the MMA title, Moreno won the second edition in June 2021 and became the first Mexican to obtain a UFC beltbut which he snatched the Brazilian in January of last year in the third fight.

Last July, Brandon defeated the New Zealander Kai Kara-Francevictory that granted him the interim category belt as the Brazilian had refused to defend his crown until now. For this reason, the fight on Saturday night was the definitive one and allowed unify titles under the name of the Mexican.

The first to enter the ring was the one born in Tijuanawho with determination and focus lived up to his nickname, The Assassin Babyand he was ready to face the biggest challenge of his career, since, in his words during the confrontation,everything is at stake. Whoever loses goes home and it is difficult to foresee his future (in the Octagon) ”.

Dark started with a early knockdown and counteracting well guillotine that the local fighter was trying to exert. After a few seconds on the floor, the fight was again on the feetfrom where the Mexican began to propose the rhythm of the fight.

both fighters they exchanged hooks and flying punches that connected but without forcefulness. The Brazilian went for the takedown, but with speed Moreno was able to move and avoid his rival's strategy. In the last few seconds Deiveson dropped one illegal kick to the face of the Mexicanbut everything was in one judge's warning.

In it second round, Dark tried to open with a kick that was caught by the brazilianwho tried to take the fight to the ground, but was unable to carry out the action after a good recovery of the Mexican.

After insisting on boxing for a few minutes, the challenger went for the knockdown, to which the champion managed to apply a guillotine, his best submission tactic, and put Brandon in a bind. Nevertheless, The Assassin Baby managed to get away quickly and avoided the scare.

To the third episode of the unification of the title, Dark He came with much greater force over his rival and had a championship punchconnecting to the eye of the Brazilian in an action that the champion tried to sell as a picket, illegal maneuver. However, the attack Brandon was marked clean and got the knockdown to expand your combat proficiency.

At the end of the round and go to the benches, figueiredo it was reviewed by the UFC doctor because of Moreno's coup, which cut deep into the brazilian and made him lose visibility, a situation that forced to stop the fightgiving the Mexican the UFC world flyweight title by technical knockout.

During the delivery of the belt, Moreno was greeted with boos from the public local, to which he commented that “I understand people, but I knew I was going to win this. I wanted to get it for my family”. And finally, about his title, the Mexican closed with a forceful:

An apology but, I am Mexican. Long live Mexico dogs! Long live Mexico! Go!

after the defeat, Deiveson He was also questioned about the fight and what is next in his career, a moment that he took advantage of to announce that now this is brandon's category and he will undertake to move up to the next weight category, in addition to congratulate your rival for the well-deserved victory:

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