The medical collaboration between Mexico and Cuba is important; will strengthen the health of both peoples: Marcos Rodríguez


Mexico.- The Cuban ambassador to Mexico, Marcos Rodríguez Costa, highlighted the importance of medical collaboration between both countries to improve the public health of their citizens and combat Covid-19.

“The medical collaboration between Cuba and Mexico is important, not only because of the contribution that Cuba could make to Mexican health and the interest of the Mexican government in improving the health of its citizens, but also because we could also receive the great experiences that Mexico has in the subject of health, primary and community care”, he pointed out.

Last weekend, 60 Cuban doctors arrived in Mexico as part of the agreement that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed with Cuba last May, and they will work in Nayarit.

Speaking to the press, after attending a meeting of the Mexico-Cuba Friendship Group in the Chamber of Deputies, the diplomat insisted that this collaboration is essential to advance and strengthen the health of the Mexican and Cuban peoples.

Asked about the fact that Cuban doctors have limited their right to free expression and cannot talk to the press, he said that this is a “fallacy” and that they as people have the right to talk to whomever they want.

“I read one of the video recordings of one of them who said ‘we don’t come so much to talk but to work,’ but you can talk, you can talk with them, with the more than 40 health collaborators that Cuba has in the world and that represent the modest and humble contribution of Cuba to the entire world”, he stated.

Regarding the safety of Cuban doctors, Rodríguez Costa pointed out that this is an issue that concerns the Federal Government and that concerns all those who reside or are in Mexico, therefore, there can be no special treatment for them.

“I cannot see anything different in terms of security for Cuban doctors and Mexican doctors. There is a concern of the Federal Government on this issue, which concerns all those who live in Mexico and, therefore, it is something that will be present at any time, but we are calm, “he concluded.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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