The magic of color

The magic of color
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Festival of colors! Rado is committed to the evocative, emotional and eternal power of color in its new True Square Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier collection. The Swiss brand launches 3 exclusive watches, only 999 units on the market, where they celebrate the ability of color to raise the mood and evoke emotions. It is the first time that Rado combines colorful ceramic elements in a single piece. We must know that color is capable of stimulating, it can create joy or sometimes also sadness. Furthermore, we know that some colors awaken active or passive attitudes. The magic of color is present in our daily lives. And why this collection? Rado was inspired by the unique color vision of one of the world's greatest designers, Le Corbusier. Born in Switzerland, he was a visionary architect who played a pivotal role in shaping the modernist movement of the 20th century. Additionally, he is remembered for his extraordinary color theory, which led to the development of enduring architectural polychromy.

This collection presents three watches that offer quality and performance, Rado's DNA. They are three striking models whose materials are high-tech ceramic and sapphire crystal. What sets these watches apart from all others is their eye-catching yet subtle combination of seductive and delicate colors. Undoubtedly, the models' square cases reflect an essential part of Rado's design history. They measure only 37 x 43.3 mm and are only 5 mm thick. Worthy of note is the case back, where digitally printed on the sapphire crystal are Le Corbusier's iconic colored stripes along with LE CORBUSIER's signature and the words POLYCHROMIE ARCHITECTURALE and LIMITED EDITION ONE OF 999, confirming the numbering of the series.

The first watch features a matte iron gray high-tech ceramic monobloc case and crown. Through its sapphire crystal, a satin-finish iron gray dial is displayed with indices and hands printed in slightly grayish English green. Its matte iron gray high-tech ceramic bracelet features slightly grayish English green ceramic intermediate links and a PVD-coated titanium triple clasp.

On the second watch, its ceramic case is grayish brown. The color-matched dial complements the case perfectly, as does the high-tech ceramic bracelet in that natural dark ocher and matte creamy white tone with PVD-coated titanium triple clasp.

The third member of the True Square Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier line is a bold expression of classic watchmaking color. He has a matte ivory black high-tech monobloc ceramic case and crown and a satin black tone-on-tone dial. Its ivory black high-tech ceramic bracelet matches the case perfectly, and ivory black printed indices and the Rado logo complete the ensemble.

Finally, for true watch lovers, Rado has created something very special: a fascinating collector's box that includes a new True Square Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier piece in classic black, presented alongside eight round Thinline Les CouleursTM Le models. Corbusier from the current collection. This explosive mix of color, extraordinary design and high-tech materials is limited to 99 pieces.

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