The latest bombings in Kharkov leave nine dead and 25 wounded, according to Ukraine


Russian troops have concentrated their attacks in the eastern area in recent hours, and especially in Kharkov, the second largest city in the country.

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At least nine people have died and 25 have been injured in the bombings that Russian troops have carried out in recent hours on the city of Kharkov, in eastern Ukraine.the Interfax-Ukraine agency reported.

The death toll was offered by the press service of the Kharkov regional military administration, one of the Ukrainian areas that is suffering the most from the Russian offensive in recent days.

“In Kharkiv, as a result of the invaders’ shelling of residential areas, including the central part of the city, 25 people were injured, nine were killed,” the sources said.

Furthermore, in the same region, but in the community of Derhachiv, shelling killed two people and one more was injured.

Another person was also killed in the Russian army attacks in the city of Zolochiv, the administration said.

russian troopswhich began the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, In recent hours they have concentrated their attacks on the east, and especially on Kharkov, the second largest city in the country.

The offensive on this city allows the Moscow army to regroup to try to launch a major operation on the pro-Russian regions of Donbas, near Kharkov.

For its part, Monday’s attacks on the Ukrainian city of Lviv, in the west, about 80 kilometers from the border with Poland, have caused eleven deaths, including a child, when one of the Russian missiles hit a civilian target, according to the mayorAndriv Sadovy.

Lviv has been, since the Russian invasion on February 24, one of the main exit points from the country for Ukrainians fleeing the attacks, due to its proximity to the Polish border.

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