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Donald Trump's attacks on judges and prosecutors, with insults and falsehoods that in a country like Russia would have led him to a Siberian geriatric prison, are selective, which refutes his supposed anti-establishment attitude.

He tells magistrate Juan Merchan, in charge of the former president's case in New York for his relationship with a porn actress, anything but pretty. There is a recusal pending because he maintains that he is a trump haterone of those who hate him.

These days, after the imputation on Tuesday, in Miami, of 37 charges for taking secret documents, prosecutor Jack Smith has been thrown off the donkey. Crazy, insane, thug and niceties like that.

Former US President Donald Trump greets those present after testifying in the Federal Courts of Miami


On the other hand, until today, he has not heard one of his destructive dedications to Judge Aileen Cannon, the one chosen "at random" in the federal court of Florida to preside over the trial for those classified papers that he filed even in showers or sinks from his Mar-a-Lago mansion. According to the indictment, she endangered national security and that of allies.

Quite the opposite. Trump and Trumpism not only did not vilify the magistrate, and in other circumstances they would have ammunition, but they celebrated the lucky break.

Look that there will be judges in the federal court of Miami and it goes and it's up to Cannon, 42 years old and named by Trump himself. She was one of the last nominees in his term.

His career as a judge is short and he has only faced four trials, which adds up to a total of 14 days in court

This judge has served as such since November 2020, shortly after the then president lost the elections for his second term.

As soon as it was known that she would take care of this matter, suspicions skyrocketed. She has a short judicial career, but last year she achieved notoriety precisely for this case, in a show of clear favoritism and submission to the hand she named for her. Once the FBI entered and searched Mar-a-Lago to recover documents, in August 2022, Trump appealed to the courts against that order, approved and supervised by a court. The complaint fell on Judge Cannon, whose decision caused embarrassment even among conservative lawyers, those of the same ideological spectrum.

Former US President Donald Trump greets those present this Tuesday in Miami

Former US President Donald Trump greets those present this Tuesday in Miami

AP Photo/Jim Rassol

With a stroke of the pen, he decided to stop the investigation and suggested that Trump had special protection as former president against any search warrant. A conservative court, when resolving the appeal, took away the colors. He annulled all of his decisions and reminded him that there was no justification for treating Trump favorably and treating him differently from any other citizen.

The fact that she was appointed by the person who is currently being prosecuted before her court is not a reason for recusal, but she could defend that option based on that resolution that she made. Although prosecutor Smith has not said anything about it, she has already assured that she does not intend to recuse herself.

Cannon is a former federal prosecutor and one of more than 200 conservative attorneys Trump has named. She was born in Colombia, the daughter of a Cuban immigrant, and grew up in Miami. She graduated from Duke University and joined the Federalist Society, the great pool of conservative legal scholars, when she was a student at the University of Michigan Law School.

The vehicle in which Donald Trump was traveling arrives at the Miami courts

The vehicle in which Donald Trump was traveling arrives at the Miami courts

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

He has spent most of his career as a litigator. Some consider that he does not measure up for a trial of the caliber that he is going to face. In his career of less than three years, he has been assigned 224 cases. Of these, due to previous agreements, only four reached trial, reported The New York Times. All four were routine, like a guy being pulled over with a gun. He totaled 14 days of trial.

Cannon creates doubts because at the beginning of the case he decreed that Trump had special protection

When Prosecutor Smith appeared to explain the charges, he requested a speedy trial. The Miami court is famous precisely for being expeditious. But Trump, in the middle of the campaign and with the elections in November 2024, is interested in procrastination. And that's where Cannon can play to his advantage, as well as his influence in choosing the jurors.

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