The Israeli Army continues to attack Hamas targets to “devastate the capabilities of the terrorist group”

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The Israeli Army continues to attack Hamas targets to “devastate the capabilities of the terrorist group.” (REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)

The Israeli Air Force continues to massively bomb the Gaza Strip this Monday to “devastate the capabilities” of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, military sources reported. Israel.

Among the objectives achieved in the last hours are several command positions; a building housing Hamas operatives; a command center used by a senior Hamas naval force official; an “operational asset used by Hamas” located inside a mosque in Jabaliya; and an asset used by the Islamist group for intelligence purposes, indicated the sources, cited by Israeli media.

For his part, the Israeli cabinet secretary, Yossi Fuchsstated this Monday in a message on X (formerly Twitter) that “The first Gaza war will also be the last”in a probable allusion to the response that his country will give to Hamas, author of the unprecedented attack from the strip against Israel committed on Saturday and which has so far caused 700 Israeli deaths and more than 2,400 wounded, as well as the kidnapping of several dozens more, which could reach around 130, if the figures expressed by said Palestinian organization and its ally, the Islamic Jihad, are true.

Israeli special forces captured a senior Hamas commander. (EFE)
Israeli special forces captured a senior Hamas commander. (EFE)

Earlier, an Israeli military spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, stated in a message recorded on X that “the brutality and cynicism of Hamas have become clear. Our task is to do what the Israeli Government orders us and that goes through eliminate the military capabilities of Hamas.”

“We are preparing to do our job and take down Hamas, the cause of this attack without any provocation,” he insisted.

“Despite this horrible situation, we will win and we know that the good people in the world support us,” concluded the Israeli military spokesman.

At least 260 bodies have been recovered by Israeli emergency services of the desert area near the Gaza Strip where hundreds of young people celebrated a electronic music festival early Saturday morning, when the terrorist group Hamas burst in shooting.

A spokesperson for ZAKAa group of volunteers that is responsible for recovering human remains after attacks and other disasters, confirmed this Sunday to Israeli media that so far they have been collected more than 260 bodies from the placelocated near the kibbutz Reimin the south of Israel and close to Gaza.

Attendees at a music festival were victims of the Palestinian group's terrorist offensive

Hundreds of parents have been desperately waiting since Saturday for news of their children missing in this massacre that has shocked Israel and this Sunday many went to the police station in the city of lodnear the Ben Gurion airport, which was set up as a reporting center for missing persons.

“I came to rescue my daughter, she is kidnapped in Gaza. I saw a tiktok where she appears surrounded by terrorists", he told this Sunday EFE an Israeli father who requested anonymity.

Social networks have shown images of people who were kidnapped by terrorists. (REUTERS)
Social networks have shown images of people who were kidnapped by terrorists. (REUTERS)

This man contacted his daughter for the last time while 30 year old young man was at a music festivalHe in the southern desert of Israel, celebrating the Sukkota Jewish holiday.

The festival was interrupted by the missile attack warning siren and immediately Armed militia groups aboard pickup trucks opened fire in all directions.

According to attendees, Hamas rockets began falling in the Israeli morning, around 6:30 am. A few minutes later, Everyone was running desperately to escape the bombings.

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