The Israeli army announces the seizure of Parliament and the Government headquarters in Gaza

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The Israeli Army reported this Tuesday that its troops captured multiple military and government buildings in the Gaza Strip, including "the headquarters of the Hamas legislative assembly and government."

"The combined combat forces of the Seventh Brigade controlled the headquarters of the Hamas legislative assembly and government, the Hamas Police headquarters, and an engineering college used for weapons production and development," the spokesperson reported. military, who detailed that these buildings were captured "in recent days."

Two Palestinian children walking in the rain between collapsed buildings

Mohammed Abed / AFP

The buildings seized also include a training center, a command and control room, and a complex used for detention and interrogation, according to the Israeli military.

"The combined combat forces of the Golani Brigade successfully secured the governor's residence, identified as a facility used by the Hamas terrorist organization," added the Army, detailing that "this building housed both the military and police offices of Hamas and military intelligence offices, headquarters, and various outposts of the organization."

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Some of these buildings, the military statement denounced, would have been used as training sites for the attack perpetrated by the Islamist group against Israel on October 7, which left 1,200 dead and more than 240 hostages captured and taken to Gaza.

Since then, Israeli retaliatory attacks - by air, sea and land - have left more than 11,180 dead - two-thirds of them women and children -, 28,200 injured, 3,000 missing and more than 1.5 million displaced in Gaza, where There have also been 46 deaths among Israeli troops taking part in the ground offensive.

"Attacking Parliament and doing anything there, attacking government buildings, some of which are already destroyed, is a desperate attempt to manufacture a victory and create the illusion of control," responded Bassem Naïm, one of the top officials of Hamas in Gaza.

On social media, images show Israeli soldiers unfurling Israel's blue and white flag on the platform of the head of Parliament, as well as soldiers posing in front of a wall where a plaque reads "Military Police Headquarters."

Parliament has been dormant for years and was officially dissolved in 2018.

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