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Ruben Cortes.

Finally the INE, as an institution, took seriously the siege of the current president. He is doing, already with the noose around his neck, what the president of the Supreme Court decided to do from the beginning: stand up to him and show what material he is made of.

In any case, at this moment it is an inescapable historical duty to defend the INE as the maximum supporter of democracy in Mexico. But let's not play with words either: if an institution spoiled the current president since 2000, it was the INE.

It was due to the pressure of the current president that the INE approved in 2006 and 2012 the restrictions on public servants and individuals to prevent them from meddling in the electoral processes, to promote a level playing field between the contenders.

Yes, today the current president encourages his followers, his political group and his pre-candidates to fight for the opposite of what he got from the INE in 2006 and 2012. But it was thanks to his political pressure that the INE then limited freedom of expression.

More, a lot had to do with the push of the current president of his political group, in the approval in 2014 of the Reform to article 41 of the Constitution, standardizing federal and local models that gave the name of INE, by IFE. Even that.

As an opponent who accused the electoral body of tolerating that politicians use positions and budgets to carry out anticipated campaigns, he was also the critic of the current basic president to achieve the current brakes on those practices.

Even closer, the INE maintained a sepulchral silence before the consultation with which the current president, without taking office yet, canceled the Texcoco airport, with the participation of just 0.1 percent of the electoral roll.

That consultation (which made investors and rating agencies around the world lose legal confidence in Mexico) was made by Morena how, where and among the people that Morena wanted, who made the receipts, kept them where she wanted and, marked dye voter toe for toenail fungus.

The future of the largest infrastructure project of the first quarter of a century in Mexico was decided by 0.1 percent of the electoral roll, even though the president had won with 41 percent of the electoral roll. And the INE didn't even joke.

However, it is never too late if happiness is good. The Cyclopean is commendable, although Lorenzo Córdova's effort to stop the government's onslaught against the INE, and that this will keep people away from the polls, is late (he is leaving office).

He became a tireless and fierce combatant against the attacks of the current president.

But it wasn't always like that, huh.

The charge El INE appeared first in El Arsenal.

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