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That it wasn't always the State, that it already thought better, that being a drunk is not the same as being a bartender. He now censures those who politicize the tragedy as if he had not campaigned with it and assures that his version of events is different, although it is very similar to the previous one. Criticism responds to malicious interests and if parents are dissatisfied it is because they are uninformed and want to manipulate them. They have not found the whereabouts of the normalistas and the paste became balls, but it must be accepted that the President fulfilled his commitment to clarify what happened, because to maintain otherwise would be to fall into heresy.

The current government had three instances to unravel the truth of the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students and do justice. A commission (CoVAJ) headed by the Undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration, the GIEI that returned to continue its investigations and a prosecutor in charge of a specialized unit (UEILCA) created for this purpose, but Alejandro Encinas has long been he was left alone.

The missteps of the government's truth commission, the manipulation of the case from the top of political power, the intervention of prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero of the UEILCA and the refusal to hand over all the documents in the possession of the Army, discredited the presidential promise. Omar Gómez Trejo, who had been appointed prosecutor of the case in consensus with the parents of the victims, resigned, as did a good number of collaborators, and the GIEI decided to end its mission and leave the country.

The withdrawal of arrest warrants that would later be issued again, the early rise of Encinas with screenshots of alleged conversations on WhatsApp between members of Guerreros Unidos that turned out to be false, and the recurring intention to dictate convenient conclusions from the National Palace, caused such a mess that not even the The enormous official propaganda apparatus has been able to avoid a narrative disaster regarding a file that the regime urgently needs to close.

But, as we have learned, in this administration, things can always get worse. Former prosecutor Gómez Trejo denounced that the investigation was “dynamited” by intervening in it and that the arrest warrant against Jesús Murillo Karam was carried out without support and on his knees, ensuring that the instruction to issue it as quickly as the next day was a decision that was The head of the Executive had a breakfast with prosecutor Gertz Manero, Minister Arturo Zaldívar, then president of the SCJN, and undersecretary Alejandro Encinas; version that was confirmed in the morning without noticing that, even if it is narrated as a virtuous action to avoid impunity, it gives reason to those who point out that the former governor of Hidalgo is a political prisoner.

With hysteria, they demand to believe in a truth that does not question the essence of what was established in the past government, but that now has some imprisoned scapegoats that do not reach cover the male's eye. The core of the story is not discussed: colluding police detained the students and handed them over to Guerreros Unidos hitmen, who murdered them and then disappeared their bodies under the indolent gaze of a military zone.

The focus shifted from the murderers – many of whom have been freed for being protected witnesses, victims of torture or due to failures in the investigations – to those who carried out the first investigations for fabricating the final scenario in the Cocula garbage dump and avoiding collusion. that the criminal organization had with civil and military authorities, the same ones that made such an abominable crime possible.

In 2014, before the fentanyl boom, Mexican heroin was highly valued in the United States and the profits from its trafficking were stratospheric. Some think of Ayotzinapa as if it were the exception, when in reality it is the rule that is reproduced in many parts of the country and with increasing frequency. There have never been so many homicides and disappearances as in this administration and the vast majority of victims are young. Do you really believe that there is no longer official collusion with such powerful criminal organizations?

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