'The House of Famous Mexico': who is in danger of elimination after the first face-to-face nomination

This Wednesday there was a very different Nomination Gala in 'La Casa de los Famosos México', since it was the first time in which the participants had to distribute the points face to face and not in the anonymity of the confessional as was done in the previous weeks.

Galilea Montijo made the announcement to the public about this change in format for tonight from the start of the show, but the participants were not informed until just before they began to distribute their points.

On the other hand, during the week There has been tension within Team Infierno, since several of its members began to be annoyed by the attitude that Apio Quijano took with Jorge Losaso in the study it was thought that the alliance could be broken and the singer nominated.

However, once the time came, all the members of the team kept the pact and went over Jorge, despite the fact that they knew that "La Barby" Juárez will surely save him since she is the leader of the week, and over Bárbara Torres, the other member of Team Cielo who could be nominated.

It was precisely the boxer who surprised everyone by giving Wendy Guevara two points because she thought they would not affect herbut it was what defined that she was among the four inhabitants in danger of leaving the competition.

Despite the fact that Emilio Osorio had the opportunity to distribute five points, his decision to give Jorge three and Bárbara two did not change many things, since the entire Team Infierno voted for them, it was impossible for them not to be nominated.

The one who did change things was the Argentine actress, who surprisingly gave Jorge two points and one to Apio, thus avoiding the possibility that there were more than four nominees, for a possible triple tie.

This is how the final vote was:

  • Jorge – 15 votes (nominated)
  • Barbara – 7 votes (nominated)
  • Poncho – 2 votes (nominated)
  • Wendy – 2 votes (nominated)
  • Sergio – 1 vote
  • Emilio – 1 vote

Although the boxer is supposed to save Jorge Losa, she was visibly affected by being responsible for Wendy's nomination, so a surprise cannot be ruled out tomorrow at the Salvation Gala.

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