'The hotel moves as if it were an earthquake'; family takes refuge in Acapulco bathroom for Otis (VIDEO)

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A group of tourists who were in a room at the Hotsson hotel in Acapulconarrated the hours of terror he experienced while the Hurricane Otis destroyed everything, social media user @ErikFellini noted in alarm that water began to enter the room on the 8th floor.

“The roar of the air is impressive, glass in the rooms breaking, the hotel moves as if it were an earthquake,” he narrated.

What also caught the attention of several users on social networks was a phrase that the tourist pointed out:

'Our ears were blocked'

Why do many people's ears pop during a hurricane?

Once the wind gets very intense and gains a lot of force… they even cover their ears, it is something impressive.

The feeling of clogged ears or decreased hearing may be due to very high pressure and may be related to several factors.

One of them is the air pressure that can change quickly as in the case of a hurricane, just as it happened to the tourists in Acapulco.

The sensation of clogged ears is due to the pressure difference.

Why do they cover their ears?

Sometimes you may feel like your ears are popping or experience changes in ear pressure for a while. hurricane. This may be due to several factors related to the extreme weather conditions that are associated with the hurricanes:

  • Changes in barometric pressure: During a hurricane, the barometric pressure in the environment can change rapidly. This can affect the air pressure in the middle ear, which in turn can cause a clogged-up feeling in the ears.
  • Strong winds: Hurricane-force winds can generate loud, constant noises, which can temporarily affect your hearing. Additionally, if winds are strong enough to cause damage to buildings or windows, this can also increase noise exposure and affect hearing.
  • Sudden changes in temperature and humidity: Hurricanes are often accompanied by abrupt changes in air temperature and humidity. This can affect the sensitivity of the ear and cause sensations of clogged ears.

If you experience a sensation of clogged ears or changes in hearing during a hurricane, it is best to stay calm and follow the safety recommendations of local authorities, such as sheltering in a safe and protected place until the hurricane passes.

If symptoms persist after the hurricane or if you experience pain, hearing loss or any other hearing problem, it is advisable to consult a health professional, such as an otolaryngologist, for proper evaluation and treatment.

What to do to relieve the sensation?

To relieve the feeling of clogged ears, you can try swallowing, yawning, or chewing gum to open the Eustachian tube and balance the pressure.


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