The Horror Museum in Coahuila caught fire and ended in ashes

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The property shared the alleged presence of paranormal entities Credits: (Facebook Agustín B. López)

During the night of last Saturday, September 30, a spectacular fire in a property known as the Horror Museuma place that was located in the Historic Center of Saltillo, Coahuila.

The accident occurred around 7:00 p.m. in the facilities of the Museum of Horror and according to the authorities, it is speculated that the fire was caused by an alleged short circuit.

It was through live broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube that users shared that the property was being consumed by flames. In addition, they also informed the 911 about the intense fire inside the museum, so security and rescue elements were mobilized to reach the place.

Elements of the Municipal Police, two trucks and a pipe from the Fire Department were the first to arrive at the scene. Their first actions consisted of a primary search, in which the elements confirmed that there were no people who were at risk, and then proceeded to control the fire.

Authorities came to control the flames Credits: (Facebook 30 Bonita)
Authorities came to control the flames Credits: (Facebook 30 Bonita)

According to what was revealed with Saltillo Civil Protection, no injuries were reported during the incident; However, two vehicles that were a few meters from the museum were affected, since being exposed to the flames they were at risk of also catching fire.

For their part, the staff of the Federal electricity commission (CFE) of the capital of Coahuila will carry out corresponding maneuvers at the site, since the authorities highlighted that the flames managed to reach the electrical wiring of the place, so they will attend to any damage that may have occurred.

The elements managed to extinguish the flames; However, because the flames were too intense, the property was reduced to ashes and what it contained inside resulted in total loss.

The Museum of Horror was located in a building that was more than a century old and was inaugurated as such in 2014. Among its main attractions was a collection of objects with alleged possessions and the presence of paranormal entities, which according to with the owners, they lived in the place.

The museum contained elements related to terror Credit: (Facebook Museo del Horror Saltillo)
The museum contained elements related to terror Credit: (Facebook Museo del Horror Saltillo)

In the various live broadcasts, videos and photographs they shared, you can see that flames come out from inside the building that for almost 10 years housed hundreds of objects related to the universe of the universe. horror and the paranormaland where thousands of adventurers came to see what the place collected.

It is worth mentioning that the Museum of Horror had managed to gather a large number of followers who frequently visited the place, who regretted what happened.

According to what the owners of the museum had shared on their Facebook page, the night the fire broke out, they were not in the place, as they appeared at an event in the municipality of Monterrey, Nuevo Leonin which they gave a lecture on alleged “paranormal evidence.”

The owners of the museum said goodbye to the property Credits: (Facebook Museo del Horror Saltillo)
The owners of the museum said goodbye to the property Credits: (Facebook Museo del Horror Saltillo)

The way in which the owners of the museum said goodbye to the venue was through a publication on their Facebook page in which an image with a black bow They placed the phrase: “thank you for everything” dedicating it to the faithful followers of the space that spread everything related to the universe of the paranormal.

For their part, internet users and followers of the museum expressed the loss of the property with comments such as: “yesterday the horror museum burned here in Saltillo. How horrible it was”, “before it was a museum, I knew it as a house and it was really very beautiful, it's a shame” and “cheer up Mortem family, we will support you and we are going to get up from this”.

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