The "historical truth" 3,285 days later

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Francisco Garfias.

The Ayotzinapa issue was no longer profitable for the transformation government. 3,285 days have passed since the kidnapping and forced disappearance of the 43 normal students and it is still not known what happened to them.

The barbarism that shocked Mexico and the world nine years ago is reversed to López Obrador. The boys' parents demonstrated again yesterday to demand justice.

They are convinced that the president is hiding information to protect the Army, and that he will not fulfill his commitment to locate the boys.

AMLO even became heated with the statements of Vidulfo Rosales, lawyer for the parents of the Ayotzinapa 43, that the latest Report on the atrocious event is closer to the so-called Historical Truth who sent Jesús Murillo Karam to prison, which is simply true.

“In the Report of the Secretary of Defense, there is nothing. Neither the president nor he responds to the information requested by the parents, which is very specific,” says Vidulfo.

The lawyer made it clear that what the parents want is a telephone transcript between drug traffickers and authorities – more than 80 pages – found in military archives. The document could provide clues about the whereabouts of the boys.

We asked Xóchitl Gálvez what he would say to the parents of the 43, if he won the presidency of the Republic.

“Always speak to them with the truth and not put barriers in front of them because, just like me, they closed the doors to the parents of Ayotzinapa today,” he responded.

–Do you agree that the Report is very similar to the historical truth? We insist.

–It is the same one that Peña presented. But in order to give them hope, (AMLO) kept saying that it was a State crime and now that he is the State, he no longer liked her—she replied.


Many movements in the world of the grid. Mario Delgado dropped out of the race for the head of government of Mexico City.

He says that he changed his “dream” of governing the capital for the “dream” of bringing a woman to the presidency of the Republic.

The truth is that the president of Morena had no chance of removing the candidacy of Omar García Harfuch, Claudia Sheinbaum's dolphin who leads the polls; or Clara Brugada, the brave former mayor of Iztapalapa, identified with the hard wing of the Movement.

The only one who could beat him is Dr. Hugo López Gattel, who is desperate to have immunity. Deputy Miguel Torruco Garza is also going to CDMX. He is the youngest of Morena's candidates. He is 35 years old.


We woke up yesterday with the news that Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín is leaving the ranks of the PRI to join the Green Party.

The reason? The Broad Front's candidacy for the government of Yucatán has already been decided. The PAN member Renán Barrera, mayor of Mérida, historical adversary of Jorge Carlos, is going.

The new senator of the PVEM has already registered in the process to elect the standard bearer of the Together We Will Make History Coalition to the government of that entity. The deadline expired yesterday at midnight.

With his departure, the tricolor loses one of its best legislators. There were fourteen at the beginning of the Legislature. They have eight left.

The winners are the Greens. They had no reference in Yucatán and now they even boast a potential candidate for governor.

We also inform you that the process is very advanced for the former PRI senator, Eruviel Ávila, to join the PVEM bench.

Since we are. The aforementioned Renán Barrera uploaded a harsh message to X in which he comments on Ramírez Marín's jump:

“Yucatán was left without (opposition) senators. I said it a year ago. The one from the PAN (Raúl Paz); that of the Green (Verónica Camino) and now that of the PRI, they went to Morena. They do not betray their parties. “They betray the people who voted for them.”


Catalina Monreal, 37 years old, tells us about her aspirations to become Sandra Cuevas' successor in the Benito Juárez Mayor's Office.

Ricardo Monreal's daughter will seek Morena's candidacy in the same mayor's office that he governed from 2014 to 2017.

In the talk, she tells us that her father does not agree with her participating, but respects her decision.

Caty is determined to realize her dream of governing the mayor's office where she has lived and developed. She has seen colleagues her age who already play in the big leagues grow up: Luisa María Alcalde, Miguel Torruco...

He wants to recover Cuauhtémoc for Morena and knows that this requires a lot of work in the territory.

“It is – he admits – a mayor's office with many challenges, but with a lot of potential. It needs maintenance and, above all, urban services.

There is also, obviously, the issue of security. In a preventive manner we can help as mayor with the central government of the City.”

He doesn't know of anyone else in Morena who aspires to govern that mayor's office. “I have clearer profiles in front of me,” she says. And she mentions PRI member Cynthia López Castro and PAN member Ana Villagrán.


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